Azure Blob Storage for Unity
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Azure Storage Services for Unity3d

Save and load image textures, audio files, json or xml data files for use in Unity. You can also store Unity Asset Bundles to load Prefabs with referenced scripts to work in your game / application.

External dependencies

First download the shared REST Client library for Unity and extract the contents into your Unity project "Assets" folder.


Unity 2017.2 recommended. Unity v5.3 or greater required as UnityWebRequest and JsonUtility features are used. Unity will be extending platform support for UnityWebRequest so keep Unity up to date if you need to support these additional platforms.

Azure Blob Storage Demos for Unity 2017.2

Try the Azure Storage Services Demos project for Unity on Mac / Windows. (The demo project has got everything already bundled in and does not require any additional assets to work. Just wire it up with your Azure Storage Service and public Blob container and run it right inside the Unity Editor.)

How to setup Storage Services with a new Unity project

  1. Download StorageServices and REST Client for Unity.
    • Copy 'StorageServices' and 'RESTClient' into your Unity project's Assets folder.
  2. Create Azure Storage Service

Supported platforms

Intended to work on all the platforms UnityWebRequest supports including:

  • Unity Editor and Standalone players
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows


This library is in beta so not all APIs are supported yet and some things may change.

Questions or tweet @deadlyfingers