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Recent Contacts Log for Android
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μLog: Call Log / Favorites substitute for Android 2.1+

Now available on the Android Market, search for e.g. “mylog”

  • Shows a list of contacts who
    • You’ve called
    • Have called you
    • Have sent you an SMS
    • You have sent an SMS to
  • This list is ordered latest communication first
  • A single phone number or contact is only listed once, according to the most recent communication
  • Each line includes direct links for calling and messaging.


0.7 Dependency updates: scala 2.7.7 => 2.9.1 and sbt 0.7.7 => 0.10.1
0.6 Update UI when mylog is open and an SMS is received – thx to aok for the patch
Fix nullpointer on some devices, where apparently contact info can’t be found.
0.5 Enable calling by clicking hardware button.
0.4 First market release.


Having gotten used to Nokia UI’s, my first instinct when calling someone was to “push the green button”, and then select the contact or phone number from the list.

The call log in my Nexus One didn’t really fill that requirement since it took 2 clicks to get there and it was an actual log of each call.

And I wanted to see if it was easy to write for Android using Scala
It was.

Development Requirements

  • JDK 1.6
  • sbt 0.10+
  • Android SDK with platform API level 7+


Install everything from java to git to android-tools to xsbt

export ANDROID_HOME=/path/to/android-sdk

xsbt update

Try it Out in the Emulator

$ANDROID_HOME/tools/emulator @myEmulator

xsbt android:package-debug android:install-emulator


xsbt android:install-device

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