An Ansible role for the Clipbucket video platform
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Ansible Role: Clipbucket

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Installs the Clipbucket video platform on Ubuntu 14.04 servers.

Role Variables

Available variables are listed below, along with default values (see defaults/main.yml):

clipbucket_admin_user: admin
clipbucket_admin_password: admin

The credentials for the Clipbucket admin user in the Clipbucket web app.

# 4829 => ClipBucket 2.8.3
clipbucket_git_version: 4829

The git release tag to use for the Clipbucket installation. A full list of Clipbucket release tags can be found at the Clipbucket releases page.


The domain on which Clipbucket is running.

clipbucket_path: /var/www/clipbucket

The filesystem path to which Clipbucket should be installed.

clipbucket_mysql_db: clipbucketdb
clipbucket_mysql_user: clipbucketuser
clipbucket_mysql_password: clipbucketpw
clipbucket_mysql_prefix: cb_

The MySQL/MariaDB database settings for the Clipbucket database.


Example Playbook

- hosts: clipbucket
    - { role: mtlynch.clipbucket }

Running Example Playbook

To run the example playbook, example.yml (above) run the commands below:

ansible-galaxy install mtlynch.clipbucket
ansible-playbook example.yml

After executing the command above on a node called clipbucket, you would then navigate to http://clipbucket/ and log in using the credentials admin / admin.

In a playbook for a production server, you should create a secrets.yml file instead of specifying passwords on the command line and you should choose strong passwords instead of the examples.



Author Information

This role was created in 2016 by Michael Lynch.