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A simple example of using for end-to-end testing
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This repo shows a basic example of using Cypress and Docker Compose to create simple end-to-end tests for any web application. This example uses a Go application, but you can reuse the pattern in this repository for any web application that can run in Docker.

For more information, see the blog post, "Easy End-to-End Testing with Cypress."

Run the test app

The example application is called Sentimentalyzer, a very rudimentary text sentiment analyzer. To run it, enter the following commands:

docker build --tag sentimentalyzer .
docker run \
  --interactive \
  --tty \
  --env PORT=8999 \
  --publish 8999:8999 \

The app will be running on localhost:8999.

Run end-to-end tests

To execute the end-to-end tests for Sentimentalyzer, enter the followinng commands:

cd e2e
docker-compose up --exit-code-from cypress

When the command completes, you will see test output on the console and a video of the test run will appear in the folder e2e/cypress/integration/videos.

Other branches

This repo contains several branches to demonstrate different Cypress scenarios:

Scenario Branch
Basic Cypress example master
Using Cypress with Chrome browser chrome
Running Cypress from within Circle CI circle
Running Cypress from within Travis CI travis
Running Cypress in interactive mode interactive
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