Distributed storage and querying of N-grams.
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ngramdb uses Apache Ignite to provide a distributed means of storing and querying N-grams (or bags of words) organized under contexts. The N-grams can be queried by the most frequently occurring N-grams or by N-grams starting with a given string. Additionally, ngramdb supports calculating the similarity (cosine, Euclidean) between two contexts. ngramdb has a REST API for persisting and querying the N-grams.

This project is an experimental work in progress.

Building and Running

To build:

mvn clean install

To run:

cd ngramdb-app/target
java -jar ngramdb.jar

To submit n-grams:

curl -X POST "http://localhost:8080/api/insert?c=context&n=test1,test2"

Raw plain text can be submitted to the /raw endpoint and ngramdb will extract the n-grams from the text. Extracted n-grams will cross sentence boundaries. For more control over the extraction, handle it outside of ngramdb and post the n-grams to /insert. Other example requests are in the test-scripts directory.

See ignite.xml and application.properties for available settings.


ngramdb is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0.

Copyright 2019 Mountain Fog, Inc.