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ATG Xref

Indexing, search, and cross-reference for the ATG codebase.

Getting Started

First, run the Solr server that comes with this install:

cd solr

Now, index the ATG codebase from another terminal (Solr will take over your first one.)

./bin/indexer ../bestbuy/dotcom/dgt


There's a web UI that runs on your local machine:


It runs standalone. You can access it at http://localhost:8080/

Deployment Topology

I expect that the "server" will usually just be your own laptop or workstation. This also means that the codebase itself should be available on that host.


  • General

    • Create high-level "what uses?" page.
  • Components

    • Graceful handling of dead-end links (components from ATG)
  • Java classes

    • Graceful handling of "dead-end" classes (classes from ATG, Spring, etc.)
  • JSP

    • Create JSP page, with syntax highlighting.
    • Look for bean references.
    • Display module name
    • Integrate Code-o-matic
  • Locate Problems

    • JSP tag problems: missing start/end, duplicate start/end, too many start/end
    • Unreferenced JSPs. No "include" path from root page.
    • Same java package & class in multiple source files.


Copyright (C) 2011 N6 Consulting LLC, All Rights Reserved