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A meshable web service Merb app

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Mesh Application

Conley is a really simple way to share “votes” on sites (well, just URLs).

It works by maintaining an list of “active” nodes and asks them their opinion
on a URL that the user has on his app (or a community, for a better idea of
how this idea could be designed).


There’s a lot of bad design in here… I know that. It happens. Time was not on
my side while developing this so don’t be too critical of pointless things like
ratings being in an Integer column but only being 0 or 1 (Boolean of course
would’ve made more sense).

WARNING: I made this using 0.9.8 so some things (like dm:db:migrate) doesn’t
work for stuff right out of edge. I hope to update the application later
because I do like the idea, but it’s just not a priority before the end of


rake dm:db:migrate
merb -p 8482

Then, start the scan process by pulling up the page and clicking on “scan” next
to the Nodes list.

Obviously, you’ll want to have other participating computers on the network
setup the application too or start it on a port that isn’t 8482 (8481 for
instance) and also one on 8482. That way you can be both apps.

But it’s more fun with two people. :)

License & Copyright

© 2008 Matt Todd.

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