A command line option parser.
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A command line parser.

Because, lets face it, they all kinda suck some which way or another.

Not that this will be an improvement, just my shot in the dark.


Or what we’ll call examples but is actually ideas for what Power might do…

If Power were for packaging binary runners…

<pre> module FooBar class Runner def start(port = 8000, interval = 0.01) aliases :port => :p, :interval => :I

  1. magic

Which could be run with:

<pre> $ foobar start -p 4890 -I 0.08 </pre>

Then, the binary foobar would be defined something like this

<pre> require 'foo_bar' FooBar::Runner.send(:include, Power) FooBar::Runner.run!(ARGV) </pre>

We’d need to use Ruby2Ruby or ParseRuby to figure out the params, plus there
are certain option classes this doesn’t allow for: options without default
values (and those that do have specific types), options that are not
param-based (ie: the name of the app to generate in rails foo),

This is all just a random idea…

The Name

The name could change. Just had to name it something, you know.


Copyright © 2008 Matt Todd.

Licensed under the MIT license.

TODO: copy license text here or in LICENSE file.