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Mock Kafka alert stream system Kafka using sims data.

Docker Automated buil

Requires Docker and Docker Compose for the usage instructions below.


To clone and use this repository, you'll need Git Large File Storage (LFS).

Our Developer Guide explains how to set up Git LFS for LSST development.

Usage (single host)

Clone repo, cd into directory, and checkout appropriate branch.

Bring up Kafka broker and Zookeeper

From the alert_stream directory:

$ docker-compose up -d

This will create a network named alertstream_default, or something similar, with the default driver over which the other containers will connect and will start Kafka and Zookeeper.

Build docker image

From the alert_stream directory:

$ docker build -t "alert_stream" .

and refer to it in subsequent run commands below for starting containers.

This should now work:

$ docker run -it --rm alert_stream python bin/ -h

You must rebuild your image every time you modify any of the code, unless you mount local code as a volume in the container.

Start producing an alert stream

Sample data is included in the data directory. You can also mount a local volume of data following the instructions below.

Send bursts of alerts at expected visit intervals to topic “my-stream”:

      docker run -it --rm \
      --network=alertstream_default \
      -v $PWD/data:/home/alert_stream/data:ro \
      alert_stream python bin/ kafka:9092 my-stream

Filter the alert stream

Template filters, which filters for objects with SNR > 5 and brighter than magnitude 20, are included in These filters output to a new stream with the name of the filter class.

The following will run filters 1 to 5, producing filtered streams named "Filter001"..."Filter005":

$ docker run -it --rm \
      --network=alertstream_default \
      alert_stream python bin/ kafka:9092 my-stream 1 5

Consume alert stream

To start a consumer for printing all alerts in the stream "Filter001" to screen:

$ docker run -it --rm \
      --network=alertstream_default \
      alert_stream python bin/ kafka:9092 Filter001

To start a consumer that will show the status (number of alerts, etc.) of stream "Filter001":

$ docker run -it --rm \
      --network=alertstream_default \
      alert_stream python bin/ kafka:9092 Filter001

There currently no stamps in the simulated data. When we have stamps, the instructions below apply. By default, will not collect postage stamp cutouts. To enable postage stamp collection, specify a directory to which files should be written with the optional flag --stampDir <directory name>. If run using a Docker container, the stamps and other files written out will be collected within the container.

To collect postage stamp cutouts and output files locally, you can mount a local directory and give the Docker container write access with, e.g., the following command:

$ docker run -it --rm \
      --network=alertstream_default \
      -v {local path to write stamps}:/home/alert_stream/stamps:rw \
      alert_stream python bin/ kafka:9092 Filter001 --stampDir stamps

Shut down and clean up

Shutdown Kafka broker system by running the following from the alert_stream directory:

$ docker-compose down

Find your alert_stream containers with docker ps and shut down with docker kill [id].


Mock alert stream distribution system using Kafka producers and consumers.




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