Making a brands page for your Shopify Store.
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Making a brands page for your Shopify Store.

Step 1: Create collections Create all the collections you’ll want to display, and get all the pictures you want to display for said collections in order. (Just like with products, everything looks better when it's the same size.)
For me, I'll be building a brand's page so I'll be uploading all the different brand pictures into the collections.

Step 2: Create a link list within the navigation This is where you (or your client) can order/reorder the soon to be made brands/trends page. I called said link list “brands” just for this example. (But you can call it whatever you like.)

Step 3: Create the page template Go into the theme editor and click "Edit HTML/CSS." Next, you need to make a new page template. In this case I called it collections. Presto! You’ve got a new page template.

Step 5: Add the collection-within-collection Now we need to add the elusive collection-within-collection. This is where all the magic happens. Create a new snippet and call it collection-loop liquid.

Step 6: Link it all up Now all you’ve got to do is create a brand’s page and change the template to page.collection and click save.

Step 7: Admire your handy work When you click on the collection pictures, they will link to all the products that are housed in said collection! It’s a really powerful tool. The best part is your client can easily switch the order and switch the collections out right from the link list we created