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This repository is our attempt to make MOA (Massive Online Analysis) usable as part of Android application. We can't guarantee that it'll work in all cases. We've simply deleted every reference to Swing functions used in MOA GUI that were involved in learning process.


  1. Build this project with Maven (Lifecycle->Package)
  2. Import generated .jar files (moa-2014.05-SNAPSHOT, moa-2014.04-sources, moa-2014.04-javadoc) from target directory to your Android application.
  3. Import rest of .jar files imported from Maven (java-cup-11b-runtime-2015.03.26, pentaho-package-manager-1.0.11, sizeofag-1.0.0, weka-dev-3.7.13) to your project (default position -> your .m2/repository directory or download them from this repository) (). WARNING: DO NOT import java-cup-11b-2015.03.26.jar - it will cause MultiDexFile errors in Gradle!
  4. If you are using Gradle, add those line to corresponding parts of your file

dexOptions { javaMaxHeapSize "4g" }

defaultConfig { multiDexEnabled = true }