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Intro para points to the version of the website as latest
available version.
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@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@ <h2 align="left">Table of Contents</h2>
<h2 align="left">In<a name="introduction"></a>troduction</h2>
-<p><strong>AllegroServe </strong>is a webserver&nbsp; written at <a
+<p><strong>AllegroServe</strong> is a webserver&nbsp; written at <a
href="">Franz Inc</a>.&nbsp;&nbsp;AllegroServe is
designed to work
with the <a href="htmlgen.html">htmlgen</a> system for generating
@@ -190,7 +190,8 @@ <h2 align="left">In<a name="introduction"></a>troduction</h2>
latest release of Allegro CL.&nbsp; AllegroServe is supported on
earlier releases. See <a
-for links to documentation of earlier releases.
+for links to documentation of earlier releases. See <a
+ href=""></a> for the latest available version of this document.
<h2><a name="running-AllegroServe"></a>Running AllegroServe</h2>
<p>Running&nbsp; AllegroServe requires that you </p>

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