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(in-package :cl-user)
(defvar *build-dir* (pathname-directory (pathname (concatenate 'string (getenv "BUILD_DIR") "/"))))
(defvar *cache-dir* (pathname-directory (pathname (concatenate 'string (getenv "CACHE_DIR") "/"))))
(defvar *buildpack-dir* (pathname-directory (pathname (concatenate 'string (getenv "BUILDPACK_DIR") "/"))))
;;; Tell ASDF to store binaries in the cache dir
(ccl:setenv "XDG_CACHE_HOME" (concatenate 'string (getenv "CACHE_DIR") "/.asdf/"))
(require :asdf)
(let ((ql-setup (make-pathname :directory (append *cache-dir* '("quicklisp")) :defaults "setup.lisp")))
(if (probe-file ql-setup)
(load ql-setup)
(load (make-pathname :directory (append *buildpack-dir* '("lib")) :defaults "quicklisp.lisp"))
(funcall (symbol-function (find-symbol "INSTALL" (find-package "QUICKLISP-QUICKSTART")))
:path (make-pathname :directory (pathname-directory ql-setup))))))
(asdf:clear-system "acl-compat")
;;; Load all .asd files in the repos subdirectory. The compile script puts
;;; several systems in there, because we are using versions that are
;;; different from those in Quicklisp. (update: Can't just load the files apparently,
;;; have to add dirs to asdf:*central-registry*. Blah.
(let* ((asds (directory (make-pathname :directory (append *cache-dir* '( "repos" :wild-inferiors))
:name :wild
:type "asd")))
(directories (remove-duplicates (mapcar #'pathname-directory asds) :test #'equal)))
(dolist (d directories)
(push (make-pathname :directory d) asdf:*central-registry*)))
;;; App can redefine this to do runtime initializations
(defun initialize-application ()
;;; Default toplevel, app can redefine.
(defun heroku-toplevel ()
;; Start the web server
(let ((port (parse-integer (getenv "PORT"))))
(format t "Listening on port ~A~%" port)
(funcall (symbol-function (find-symbol "START" (find-package "NET.ASERVE")))
:port port)
(loop (sleep 60)) ;sleep forever
;;; Load the application from sources
(load (make-pathname :directory *build-dir* :defaults "heroku-setup.lisp"))
;;; Save the application as an image
(let ((app-file (format nil "~A/lispapp" (getenv "BUILD_DIR")))) ;must match path specified in bin/release
(format t "Saving to ~A~%" app-file)
(save-application app-file
:prepend-kernel t
:toplevel-function #'heroku-toplevel