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;;;-*-Mode: LISP; Package: CCL -*-
;;; Copyright (C) 1994-2001 Digitool, Inc
;;; This file is part of OpenMCL.
;;; OpenMCL is licensed under the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public
;;; License , known as the LLGPL and distributed with OpenMCL as the
;;; file "LICENSE". The LLGPL consists of a preamble and the LGPL,
;;; which is distributed with OpenMCL as the file "LGPL". Where these
;;; conflict, the preamble takes precedence.
;;; OpenMCL is referenced in the preamble as the "LIBRARY."
;;; The LLGPL is also available online at
;;; Modified by alanr Wed May 24, 2006 to be usable in abcl. None of
;;; the generic function stuff works but I'll leave it there in case I want
;;; to try to make it work
;;; Advising setf methods not tried yet (probably won't work)
(defpackage "ENCAPSULATE" (:USE "CL" "SYSTEM")
(in-package encapsulate)
(shadowing-import '(trace untrace advise unadvise arglist) 'cl-user)
;; Lets try encapsulations
;; trace is here too
;; Make trace like 1.3, trace methods, trace (setf car)
(defvar *trace-alist* nil)
(defvar *trace-enable* t)
(defvar *trace-level* 0)
(defparameter *trace-max-indent* 40)
(defvar *trace-print-level* nil)
(defvar *trace-print-length* nil)
(defparameter *trace-bar-frequency* nil)
(defvar *advise-alist* nil)
(defparameter *encapsulation-table*
(make-hash-table :test #'eq :rehash-size 2 :size 2))
(defstruct (encapsulation)
symbol ; the uninterned name containing original def
type ; trace or advise
spec ; the original function spec
advice-name ; optional
advice-when ; :before, :after, :around
owner ; where encapsulation is installed
(defun setf-function-spec-name (spec)
(if (and (consp spec) (eq (car spec) 'setf))
(or (error "Not yet")
(%setf-method (cadr spec)) ; this can be an anonymous function
(setf-function-name (cadr spec)))
(defun trace-tab (&aux (n (min *trace-level* *trace-max-indent*)))
(fresh-line *trace-output*)
(dotimes (i n)
(declare (fixnum i))
(write-char (if (and *trace-bar-frequency*
(eq 0 (mod i *trace-bar-frequency*)))
#\| #\Space) *trace-output*)))
(defun trace-before (&rest args)
(declare (dynamic-extent args))
(let* ((*print-level* *trace-print-level*)
(*print-length* *trace-print-length*)
(*print-readably* nil))
(format *trace-output* "Calling ~S ~%" args)
(force-output *trace-output*)))
(defun trace-after (sym &rest args &aux (n (length args)))
(declare (dynamic-extent args))
(let* ((*print-level* *trace-print-level*)
(*print-length* *trace-print-length*)
(*print-readably* nil))
(if (eq n 1)
(format *trace-output* "~S returned ~S~%" sym (car args)))
(format *trace-output* "~S returned ~S values :" sym n)
(dolist (val args)
(format *trace-output* " ~S" val))))
(force-output *trace-output*)))
(defun forget-encapsulations (name)
(when (%traced-p name)
(format t "~%... Untracing ~a" name)
(%untrace-1 name))
(when (%advised-p name nil nil t)
(format t "~%... Unadvising ~a" name)
(unadvise-1 name))
(defun function-encapsulated-p (fn-or-method)
(typecase fn-or-method
((or method symbol cons)(function-encapsulation fn-or-method))
(or (function-traced-p fn-or-method)
(function-advised-p fn-or-method )))))
(defun function-traced-p (fn)
(%function-in-alist fn *trace-alist*))
(defun function-advised-p (fn)
(%function-in-alist fn *advise-alist*))
(defun %function-in-alist (def list)
(dolist (cap list)
(let ((symbol (encapsulation-owner cap)))
(typecase symbol
(symbol (when (eq (and (fboundp symbol) (symbol-function symbol)) def)
(return cap)))
(method (when (eq (%method-function symbol) def)
(return cap)))
(when (eq symbol def) (return cap)))))))
(defun function-encapsulation (spec)
(typecase spec
((or symbol method)
(gethash spec *encapsulation-table*))
(function (function-encapsulated-p spec))
(cons (gethash (setf-function-spec-name spec) *encapsulation-table*))))
; she works now - does the equivalent of the original gf - called from traced def
(defun %%call-encapsulated-gf (thing args)
(error "NOT YET")
; (print 'one)(print thing)(print args)
; thing is gf . %%1st-arg-dcode
; args is ok
(let* ((dcode (cdr thing))
(proto (assq dcode dcode-proto-alist)) ; <<
(dt (%gf-dispatch-table (car thing))))
(if proto ; assume all of these special dudes want args individually
(if (listp args)
(apply dcode dt args)
(%apply-lexpr dcode dt args))
(funcall dcode dt args))))
;; the dcode function of the original gf has been bashed with a combined method whose
;; dcode function is this. So the combined method is called with 2 args (dispatch-table
;; and args to the gf). The combined method in turn makes a lexpr of those 2 args.
(defun %%call-gf-encapsulation (thing args)
(error "NOT YET")
; (print 'two)(print thing)(print (if (listp args) args (collect-lexpr-args args 0)))
; thing traced-blitz gf-blitz . %%1st-arg-dcode
; args = dispatch-table . original-args
; dont need dispatch-table - its just there as a side effect
(if (listp args) ; this probably never happens
(let ((orig-args (cadr args)))
(if (listp orig-args)
(apply (car thing) orig-args)
(%apply-lexpr (car thing) orig-args)))
(let* ((orig-args (%lexpr-ref args (%lexpr-count args) 1)))
(if (listp orig-args)
(apply (car thing) orig-args)
; knee deep in lexprs
(%apply-lexpr (car thing) orig-args)))))
(defun standard-generic-function-p (f)
(typep f 'standard-generic-function))
(defun %fhave (sym fun)
(setf (symbol-function sym) fun)
(defun encapsulate (fn-spec old-def type trace-spec newsym
&optional advice-name advice-when)
(let ((capsule (function-encapsulation fn-spec))
gf-dcode old-encapsulation)
(%fhave newsym
(if (standard-generic-function-p old-def)
(progn (error "NOT YET")
(let ((dcode (%gf-dcode old-def)))
(setq gf-dcode
(if (and (combined-method-p dcode)
(eq '%%call-gf-encapsulation
(function-name (%combined-method-dcode dcode))))
(let ((stuff (%combined-method-methods dcode)))
(setq old-encapsulation (car stuff))
(cdr stuff))
(cons old-def dcode)))
(setf (uvref old-def 0)(uvref *gf-proto* 0)) ; << gotta remember to fix it
(or old-encapsulation
(%cons-combined-method old-def gf-dcode #'%%call-encapsulated-gf))))
old-def)) ; make new symbol call old definition
;; move the encapsulation from fn-spec to sym
(cond (capsule (put-encapsulation newsym capsule)))
(put-encapsulation fn-spec
:symbol newsym
:type type
:spec trace-spec
:advice-name advice-name
:advice-when advice-when))
(values newsym gf-dcode)))
;; call with cap nil to remove - for symbol anyway
;; maybe advising methods is silly - just define a before method
(defun put-encapsulation (spec cap)
(when cap
(setf (encapsulation-owner cap) spec)
(record-encapsulation cap)
(let ((key (typecase spec
((or symbol method standard-generic-function) spec)
(cons (setf-function-spec-name spec))
(t (report-bad-arg spec '(or symbol method cons))))))
(if cap
(setf (gethash key *encapsulation-table*) cap)
(remhash key *encapsulation-table*)))
(defmacro without-interrupts (&body body)
`(progn ,@body))
(defun remove-encapsulation (capsule &optional dont-replace)
; optional don't replace is for unadvising, tracing all on a method
(let (spec nextsym newdef def)
(setq spec (encapsulation-owner capsule))
(setq def (typecase spec
(symbol (and (fboundp spec) (symbol-function spec)))
(method spec)))
(setq nextsym (encapsulation-symbol capsule))
(setq newdef (and (fboundp nextsym) (symbol-function nextsym)))
(if (standard-generic-function-p def)
(progn (error "NOT YET")
(if (and (combined-method-p newdef)
(eq '%%call-encapsulated-gf (function-name (%combined-method-dcode newdef))))
(let* ((orig-decode (require-type (cdr (%combined-method-methods newdef)) 'function))
(proto (cdr (assq orig-decode dcode-proto-alist)))
) ; <<
(setf (%gf-dcode def) orig-decode)
(setf (uvref def 0)(uvref (or proto *gf-proto*) 0)))
(setf (car (%combined-method-methods (%gf-dcode def))) newdef)))
(typecase spec
(symbol (%fhave spec newdef))
(method (error "NOT YET")
(setf (%method-function spec) newdef)
(remove-obsoleted-combined-methods spec)
(put-encapsulation spec
(if (null dont-replace)
(function-encapsulation nextsym)))
(put-encapsulation nextsym nil)
(unrecord-encapsulation capsule)
(defun record-encapsulation (capsule)
(ecase (encapsulation-type capsule)
(when (not (ext:memq capsule *trace-alist*))
(push capsule *trace-alist*)))
(when (not (ext:memq capsule *advise-alist*))
(push capsule *advise-alist*)))))
(defun delq (thing list)
(delete thing list :test 'eq))
(defun unrecord-encapsulation (capsule)
(ecase (encapsulation-type capsule)
(setq *trace-alist* (delq capsule *trace-alist*)))
(setq *advise-alist* (delq capsule *advise-alist*)))))
(defun find-unencapsulated-definition (spec)
;; spec is a symbol, function, or method object
;; returns a raw function ??
(let (foo)
(loop while (setq foo (function-encapsulation spec))
do (setq spec (encapsulation-symbol foo)))
(typecase spec
(symbol (and (fboundp spec) (symbol-function spec)))
(method (%method-function spec))
(t spec))
(defun %trace-fboundp (spec)
(typecase spec
(symbol (and (fboundp spec) (symbol-function spec)))
(method (%method-function spec))))
(defun %trace-function-spec-p (spec &optional define-if-not)
;; weed out macros and special-forms
(typecase spec
(when (or (null spec)(special-operator-p spec)(macro-function spec))
(error "Cannot trace or advise ~S." spec))
; (cl-user::print-db (and (fboundp spec) (symbol-function spec)))
(let ((res (or (and (fboundp spec) (symbol-function spec))
(and define-if-not
(progn (warn "~S was undefined" spec)
(%fhave spec (%function 'trace-null-def)))))))
(when (not res)(error "~S is undefined." spec))
(values res spec)))
(values (%method-function spec) spec))
(case (car spec)
(let ((gf (cadr spec))
(qualifiers (butlast (cddr spec)))
(specializers (car (last (cddr spec))))
(require-type specializers 'list)
(prog ()
(cond ((setq method
(find-method-by-names gf qualifiers specializers))
(return (values (%method-function method) method)))
(when (define-undefined-method spec gf qualifiers specializers)
(go AGN)))
(t (error "Method ~s qualifiers ~s specializers ~s not found."
gf qualifiers specializers))))))
(let ((name-or-fn (setf-function-spec-name spec)))
(cond ((symbolp name-or-fn)(%trace-function-spec-p name-or-fn))
((functionp name-or-fn) ; its anonymous - give it a name
(let ((newname (gensym)))
(newname %fhave name-or-fn)
(store-setf-method (cadr spec) newname)
(values name-or-fn newname))))))))))
(defun trace-null-def (&rest ignore)
(declare (ignore ignore)))
(defun define-undefined-method (spec gf qualifiers specializers)
(let (vars def)
(flet ((blob (e)
(let ((v (gensym)))
(push v vars)
(list v e))))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'blob))
(setq def
(let ((lambda-list (mapcar #' blob specializers)))
`(defmethod ,gf ,@qualifiers (,@lambda-list &rest ignore)
(declare (ignore ignore ,@vars))))))
(when def (warn "~S was undefined" spec))
(defun %trace (sym &key before after step define-if-not)
(let (def newdef trace-thing)
(multiple-value-setq (def trace-thing)
(%trace-function-spec-p sym define-if-not))
(if def
(let ()
(when (%traced-p trace-thing)
(%untrace-1 trace-thing)
(setq def (%trace-fboundp trace-thing)))
(when step ; just check if has interpreted def
(if (typep def 'standard-generic-function)
(let ((methods (%gf-methods def)))
; should we complain if no methods? naah
(dolist (m methods) ; stick :step-gf in advice-when slot
(%trace m :step t)
(let ((e (function-encapsulation m)))
(when e (setf (encapsulation-advice-when e) :step-gf))))
; we choose to believe that before and after are intended for the gf
(if (or before after)
(setq step nil)
(return-from %trace)))
#|(uncompile-for-stepping trace-thing nil t)|#))
(let ((newsym (gensym "TRACE"))
(method-p (typep trace-thing 'method)))
(when (and (null before)(null after)(null step))
(setq before #'trace-before)
(setq after #'trace-after))
(case before
(:print (setq before #'trace-before)))
(case after
(:print (setq after #'trace-after)))
(setq newdef (trace-global-def
sym newsym before after step method-p))
(when method-p
(copy-method-function-bits def newdef))
(multiple-value-bind (ignore gf-dcode) (encapsulate trace-thing def 'trace sym newsym)
(declare (ignore ignore))
(cond (gf-dcode
(setf (%gf-dcode def)
(%cons-combined-method def (cons newdef gf-dcode) #'%%call-gf-encapsulation)))
((symbolp trace-thing) (%fhave trace-thing newdef))
((typep trace-thing 'method)
(setf (%method-function trace-thing) newdef)
(remove-obsoleted-combined-methods trace-thing)
(error "Trace does not understand ~S." sym))))
;; sym is either a symbol or a method
(defun %traced-p (sym)
(let ((foo (function-encapsulation sym)))
(and foo (eq (encapsulation-type foo) 'trace))))
(defmacro untrace (&rest syms)
"Remove tracing from the specified functions. With no args, untrace all
(if syms
`(%untrace-0 ',syms)
(defun %untrace-0 (syms)
(let (val x)
(dolist (symbol syms)
(setq x (%untrace symbol))
(when x (push x val)))
(defun %untrace (sym)
(when (and (consp sym)(consp (car sym)))
(setq sym (car sym)))
(multiple-value-bind (def trace-thing) (%trace-function-spec-p sym)
(let (val)
(when (typep def 'standard-generic-function)
(let ((methods (%gf-methods def)))
(dolist (m methods)
(let ((e (function-encapsulation m)))
(when (and e (eq (encapsulation-advice-when e) :step-gf))
(remove-encapsulation e)
(push m val))))))
; gf could have first been traced :step, and then just plain traced
; maybe the latter trace should undo the stepping??
(when (%traced-p trace-thing)
(%untrace-1 trace-thing)
(push trace-thing val))
(if (null (cdr val))(car val) val))))
(defun %untrace-all ()
(let ((val nil))
(dolist (cap *trace-alist*)
(push (encapsulation-spec cap) val)
(remove-encapsulation cap))
;; thing is a symbol or method - def is current definition
;; we already know its traced
(defun %untrace-1 (thing)
(let (capsule)
(setq capsule (function-encapsulation thing))
;; trace encapsulations must be first
(when (not (eq (encapsulation-type capsule) 'trace))
(error "~S was not traced." thing))
(remove-encapsulation capsule)
(encapsulation-spec capsule)))
(defmacro trace (&rest syms)
"TRACE {Option Global-Value}* {Name {Option Value}*}*
TRACE is a debugging tool that provides information when specified
functions are called."
(if syms
`(%trace-0 ',syms)
(defun %trace-0 (syms)
(dolist (symbol syms)
(cond ((consp symbol)
(cond ((null (cdr symbol))
(%trace (car symbol) :before :print :after :print))
((ext:memq (car symbol) '(:method setf))
(%trace symbol :before :print :after :print))
(t (apply #'%trace symbol))))
(t (%trace symbol :before :print :after :print)))))
(defun %trace-list ()
(let (res)
(dolist (x *trace-alist*)
(push (encapsulation-spec x) res))
;; this week def is the name of an uninterned gensym whose fn-cell is original def
(defun trace-global-def (sym def before after step &optional method-p)
(let ((saved-method-var (gensym)) do-it step-it)
(when step
(setq step-it
`(step-apply-simple ',def args)))
(setq do-it
(cond (step
(if (eq step t)
`(if (apply ',step ',sym args) ; gaak
,(if (and before method-p)
`(apply-with-method-context ,saved-method-var (symbol-function ',def) args)
`(apply ',def args)))))
(t (if (and before method-p)
`(apply-with-method-context ,saved-method-var (symbol-function ',def) args)
`(apply ',def args)))))
(flet ((quoted-p (x)
(and (consp x)
(case (car x)
((function quote) t)))))
`(lambda (,@(if (and before method-p)
`(&method ,saved-method-var))
&rest args) ; if methodp put &method on front of args - vs get-saved-method-var?
(declare (dynamic-extent args))
(let ((*trace-level* (1+ *trace-level*)))
(declare (special *trace-enable* *trace-level*))
,(if before
`(when *trace-enable*
(let* ((*trace-enable* nil))
((eq before :break)
`(progn (apply #'trace-before ',sym args)
(break "~S" args)))
(t `(apply ,(if (quoted-p before) before `',before) ',sym args))))))
,(if after
`(let ((vals (multiple-value-list ,do-it)))
(when *trace-enable*
(let* ((*trace-enable* nil))
,(cond ((eq after :break)
(apply #'trace-after ',sym vals)
(break "~S" vals)))
(t `(apply ,(if (quoted-p after) after `',after) ',sym vals)))))
(values-list vals))
`(traced ,sym)))))
; &method var tells compiler to bind var to contents of next-method-context
(defun advise-global-def (function-spec def when stuff &optional method-p)
(declare (ignore function-spec))
(let* ((saved-method-var (gensym)))
(compile nil
`(lambda (,@(if (and method-p (not (eq when :after)))
`(&method ,saved-method-var))
&rest arglist)
(declare (dynamic-extent arglist))
(let ()
`(block nil
(return ,(if method-p
`(apply-with-method-context ,saved-method-var (symbol-function ',def) arglist)
`(apply ',def arglist)))))
`(block nil
(let ((values (multiple-value-list (apply (function ,def) arglist))))
(declare (dynamic-extent values))
(return (values-list values)))))
;; stuff is e.g. (+ 5 (:do-it))
(if method-p
`(macrolet ((:do-it ()
`(apply-with-method-context ,',saved-method-var
(symbol-function ',',def)
(block nil
(return ,stuff)))
`(macrolet ((:do-it ()
`(apply (function ,',def) arglist)))
(block nil
(return ,stuff)))))))))))
(defun compile-named-function-warn (fn name)
(multiple-value-bind (result warnings)(compile nil fn)
(SYSTEM::%SET-LAMBDA-NAME result name)
(when warnings
(let ((first t))
(dolist (w warnings)
(signal-compiler-warning w first nil nil nil)
(setq first nil))))
;; want to look like
;; (setq values (multiple-value-list (progn ,@frob)))
(defun %advised-p (thing &optional when advice-name quick)
;; thing is a symbol, result is list of encapsulations
;; Quick when used as a simple predicate
(let ((nx thing) cap val)
(loop while (setq cap (function-encapsulation nx))
do (when (eq (encapsulation-type cap) 'advice)
(if quick (return-from %advised-p cap))
(when (or (and (null when)(null advice-name))
(and (eq when (encapsulation-advice-when cap))
(equal advice-name (encapsulation-advice-name cap))))
(push cap val)))
(setq nx (encapsulation-symbol cap)))
(defun advise-2 (newdef newsym method-p function-spec when advice-name define-if-not)
(let (advise-thing def orig-sym orig-def)
(multiple-value-setq (def advise-thing)
(%trace-function-spec-p function-spec define-if-not))
(when (not def)(error "Advise does not understand ~s." function-spec))
(when (%traced-p advise-thing)
(setq orig-sym
(encapsulation-symbol (function-encapsulation advise-thing)))
(setq orig-def (and (fboundp orig-sym) (symbol-function orig-sym))))
(let ((capsules (%advised-p advise-thing when advice-name)))
(when capsules
(unadvise-capsules capsules)
; get the right def you fool!
(setq def (%trace-function-spec-p function-spec))))
; (cl-user::print-db orig-def def)
(multiple-value-bind (ignore gf-dcode)
(encapsulate (or orig-sym advise-thing) (or orig-def def)
'advice function-spec newsym
advice-name when)
(declare (ignore ignore))
(SYSTEM::%SET-LAMBDA-NAME newdef `(advised ',function-spec))
(if method-p (copy-method-function-bits def newdef))
(if gf-dcode (setq newdef (%cons-combined-method def (cons newdef gf-dcode)
; (cl-user::print-db 'here)
(cond (orig-sym
(%fhave orig-sym newdef)) ; make traced call advised
(t (cond (gf-dcode (setf (%gf-dcode def) newdef))
((symbolp advise-thing)
(%fhave advise-thing newdef))
((typep advise-thing 'method)
(setf (%method-function advise-thing) newdef)
(remove-obsoleted-combined-methods advise-thing)
;; workaround the fact that you can't compile a function named by a gensym in abcl
(defpackage ".advise")
(defvar *advise-counter* 0)
(defun advise-gensym (function)
(loop for sym = (intern (format nil "~a-ADVICE-~a" function (incf *advise-counter*)) '|.advise|)
until (not (fboundp sym))
finally (return sym)))
(defmacro advise (function form &key (when :before) name define-if-not)
(let* ((newsym (advise-gensym function))
; WAS typep advise-thing 'method
(method-p (or (typep function 'method) ; can this happen?
(and (consp function)(eq (car function) :method))))
(newdef (advise-global-def function newsym when form method-p)))
`(advise-2 ,newdef ',newsym ,method-p ',function ',when ',name
(defmacro advisedp (function-spec &key when name)
`(advisedp-1 ',function-spec ',when ',name))
(defun advisedp-1 (function-spec when name)
(let (val)
(flet ((xtract-capsule (c)
(list (encapsulation-spec c)
(encapsulation-advice-when c)
(encapsulation-advice-name c))))
(cond ((eq t function-spec)
(dolist (c *advise-alist*)
(when (and
(or (null when)(eq when (encapsulation-advice-when c)))
(or (null name)(equal name (encapsulation-advice-name c))))
(push (xtract-capsule c) val))))
(t (let* ((advise-thing (nth-value 1 (%trace-function-spec-p function-spec)))
(capsules (%advised-p advise-thing when name)))
(dolist (capsule capsules)
(push (xtract-capsule capsule) val)))))
(defun unadvise-1 (function-spec &optional when advice-name ignore)
(declare (ignore ignore))
(let ((advise-thing (nth-value 1 (%trace-function-spec-p function-spec))))
(let ((capsules (%advised-p advise-thing when advice-name)))
(when capsules (unadvise-capsules capsules)))))
(defun unadvise-capsules (capsules)
(let (val)
(dolist (capsule capsules)
(push (list (encapsulation-spec capsule)
(encapsulation-advice-when capsule)
(encapsulation-advice-name capsule))
(remove-encapsulation capsule))
(defmacro unadvise (function &key when name)
(cond ((not (eq function t))
`(unadvise-1 ',function ',when ',name))
(t '(%unadvise-all))))
(defun %unadvise-all ()
(unadvise-capsules *advise-alist*))
(defun %set-unencapsulated-definition (spec newdef)
(let (foo)
(loop while (setq foo (function-encapsulation spec))
do (setq spec (encapsulation-symbol foo)))
(typecase spec
(%fhave spec newdef)) ;; or fset ??
(setf (%method-function spec) newdef)
(remove-obsoleted-combined-methods spec)
;; return t if we defined it, nil otherwise
(defun %defun-encapsulated-maybe (name newdef)
(let ((def (and (fboundp name) (symbol-function name))))
(when (and def (function-encapsulated-p name))
(cond ((or *loading-files* (typep def 'standard-generic-function))
(forget-encapsulations name)
(t (%set-unencapsulated-definition name newdef)
(defun %move-method-encapsulations-maybe (oldmethod newmethod)
;; deal with method redefinition
(let (cap newdef olddef old-inner-def)
(when (and (setq cap (function-encapsulation oldmethod))
(not (eq oldmethod newmethod)))
(cond (*loading-files*
(when (%traced-p oldmethod)
(warn "~%... Untracing ~s" (%untrace-1 oldmethod)))
(when (%advised-p oldmethod nil nil t)
(format t "~%... Unadvising ~s" (unadvise-1 oldmethod))))
(t (setq newdef (%method-function newmethod))
(setq olddef (%method-function oldmethod))
(setq old-inner-def (find-unencapsulated-definition oldmethod))
;; make last encapsulation call new definition
(%set-unencapsulated-definition oldmethod newdef)
(setf (%method-function newmethod) olddef)
(remove-encapsulation cap t)
(put-encapsulation newmethod cap)
(setf (%method-function oldmethod) old-inner-def)
(advise-set-method-bits newmethod newdef)
(defun advise-set-method-bits (spec newdef)
;; spec is a symbol, function, or method object
(let (foo)
(loop while (setq foo (function-encapsulation spec))
(let ((def (typecase spec
(symbol (and (fboundp spec) (symbol-function spec)))
(method (%method-function spec))
(t nil))))
(if def
(copy-method-function-bits newdef def)
(error "whats going on here anyway"))))
(setq spec (encapsulation-symbol foo))))
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