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(in-package :mt)
;;; These have to come early so they can be used at readtime.
;;; Documentation
;;; From BioBike (with mods)
(defmacro one-string (&rest string-designators)
"Creates a single string (if its arguments are all constant strings)
or a form that creates a single string (if some arguments are variables)"
(flet ((string-designator-p (x)
(or (stringp x) (characterp x)))
(to-string (x)
((stringp x) x)
((characterp x) (string x)))))
((every 'stringp string-designators)
(apply 'concatenate 'string string-designators))
((every #'string-designator-p string-designators)
(apply 'concatenate
'string (mapcar #'to-string string-designators)))
(let ((reversed-form (reverse '(concatenate 'string)))
(merged-constant-strings ""))
(dolist (x string-designators)
(if (not (string-designator-p x))
(when (> (length merged-constant-strings) 0)
(push merged-constant-strings reversed-form)
(setq merged-constant-strings ""))
(push x reversed-form))
(setq merged-constant-strings
(concatenate 'string
merged-constant-strings (to-string x)))
(when (> (length merged-constant-strings) 0)
(push merged-constant-strings reversed-form))
(reverse reversed-form)
(defmacro doc (&rest string-designators)
"Inserts newlines after every argument except the last, and calls ONE-STRING"
(let ((nl (string #\Newline)))
,@(loop for strings on string-designators
as s = (first strings)
(if (cdr strings) (list s nl) (list s))))))