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(in-package :wb)
;;; These values are obtained (for Google) from here:
(defparameter *oauth2-client-id* nil)
(defparameter *oauth2-client-secret* nil)
(defparameter *oauth2-callback* "")
(defparameter *oauth2-scopes* "")
(defparameter *oauth-auth-endpoint* "")
(defparameter *oauth-token-endpoint* "")
#| To debug locally
- run localtunnel to get id
- (localtunnel-setup <4-char-id>)
- verify that it works
- in API console, set callback appropriately |#
(defun localtunnel-setup (id)
(setf *oauth2-callback* (format nil "" id)))
(def-session-variable *access-token* nil)
(def-session-variable *refresh-token* nil)
;;; This URI gets passed to client through a redirect
(defun get-auth-code-uri ()
(let ((endpoint (puri:uri *oauth-auth-endpoint*))
`(("response_type" . "code")
("client_id" . ,*oauth2-client-id*)
("redirect_uri" . ,*oauth2-callback* )
("scope" . ,*oauth2-scopes*) ;second one is for contacts
("access_type" . "offline"))))
(setf (puri:uri-query endpoint)
(drakma::alist-to-url-encoded-string parameters :latin1))
(puri:render-uri endpoint nil)))
(defun access-protected-resource (url access-token &rest other-args)
(assert access-token)
(apply #'drakma:http-request url
`(("GData-Version" . "2") ;+++ Google specific, should be controlled by caller
("Authorization" . ,(format nil "Bearer ~A" access-token)))
(defun access-protected-resource-with-error (url &rest other-args)
(multiple-value-bind (result status prob-hint prob-advice)
(apply #'access-protected-resource url *access-token* other-args)
(case status
(200 result)
(t (error "Failed to get protected resource ~A: ~A ~A ~A ~A" url status result prob-hint prob-advice)))))
(defun get-access-token (code)
(let ((parameters `(("code" . ,code)
("client_id" . ,*oauth2-client-id*)
("client_secret" . ,*oauth2-client-secret*)
("redirect_uri" . ,*oauth2-callback*) ;+++ I THINK this is the same one as in the first step...
("grant_type" . "authorization_code"))))
(multiple-value-bind (body status headers) ;...
(drakma:http-request *oauth-token-endpoint*
:method :post
:parameters parameters)
(let ((json-response
(coerce-to-string body))))
(if (= status 200)
(let ((access-token (cdr (assoc :ACCESS--TOKEN json-response)))
(refresh-token (cdr (assoc :REFRESH--TOKEN json-response))))
(values access-token refresh-token))
(error "Failed to get access token ~A ~A" status json-response))))))
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