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(in-package :asdf)
(require :aserve)
(defsystem :wuwei
:name "WuWei"
:description "Tools for developing Ajaxy web applications"
:long-description "WuWei is a toolkit for building Ajax web pages and web sites in Common Lisp. It's designed to be light-weight, a toolkit rather than a platform. Features include: Continuation-based AJAX user interfaces; Server-side DOM operations (add/remove elements, visual fades, drag and drop); High-level interfaces to in-place-editing and autocomplete widgets; Login and session management"
:version "0.1"
:author "Mike Travers <>"
:license "MIT"
:serial t
:depends-on (#-ALLEGRO :aserve :cl-json :mtlisp #-ALLEGRO :ironclad
:drakma) ;for oauth2
((:static-file "wuwei.asd")
(:module :src
:serial t
((:file "package")
;; Patches to existing systems
;;; I believe this is no longer necessary (oh but it is)
;;; It's patched in my local copy of portable-allegroserve, but not everyone will be using that.
#-ALLEGRO (:file "aserve-patch")
(:file "htmlgen-patch")
(:file "cl-json-patches")
(:file "config")
(:file "net-utils")
(:file "web")
(:file "ajax-render")
(:file "wu")
(:file "debug-utils")
(:file "session")
(:file "error")
(:file "upload")
(:file "async")
(:file "autocomplete")
(:file "dom-objects")
(:file "eval-server")
(:file "oauth2")
;; Currently I'm only supporting CCL for Heroku, but it wouldn't be hard to add other Lisps
#+:CCL (:file "heroku")
(defsystem :wuwei-examples
:name "WuWei Examples"
:version "0.1"
:author "Mike Travers <>"
:license "MIT"
:serial t
:depends-on (:wuwei)
((:module "examples"
:serial t
((:file "home")
(:file "render-update")
(:file "async")
(:file "state")
(:file "color")
(:file "autocomplete-freebase")
(:file "arc-challenge")
(:file "go") ;set up for Heroku
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