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This library provides a PHP client for the API. The catalogue/ group of calls is public, and can be used without authentication; all other calls require valid Auth ID and API Key. Information on obtaining these credentials can be found in the API Docs.

This library supports JSON an API output format.


Dizzyapi-PHP requires the CURL PHP extension to be enabled. With this extension enabled you only need to include the dizzyjam.php file in your code.



# Sample unauthenticated call
$api = new Dizzyjam();
$store_info = $api->catalogue->store_info('dizzyjam');

# Add authentication
$api->set_credentials($auth_id, $api_key);
$my_stores = $api->manage->my_stores();

More info

The full list of calls supported by the API, along with their arguments and sample output can be found at