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Create and share polls. Vote in polls made by friends and strangers for the good of data pseudoscience.

Live Demo

A Full Stack project for Free Code Camp.
User Stories

Technologies & Frameworks

  • Standard JS
  • React
  • Redux
  • Jest
  • Enzyme
  • Webpack 2
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • ESlint
  • Bootstrap
  • Babel

This is a full-stack, server-side rendered application.

NPM Scripts


npm build:prod

Transpiles application code to ES5, and puts it in public/production for server-side rendering ease, and then builds new optimized and minified webpack bundles from the production configuration.

npm start

Starts up the server. The following environment variables are required for production: NODE_ENV=production, JWT_SECRET=[pickasecret], and MONGO_URI=[local or hosted MongoDB address with credentials].


npm run watch

Spins up webpack --watch, which will handle Webpack's compilation steps, and rebuild on every relevant file change. In addition to compiling the bundles, Webpack also handles the Babel transformations, and linting for the application code.

npm run server

Starts the Express server with nodemon, which will restart the server on file changes. You can view the app in the browser at http://localhost:4000.

npm run mongo

Starts up MongoDB on port 27017 (make sure it's installed on your system)

npm run test

Runs Jest's test suite.

npm run tdd

Runs Jest's test suite and re-runs on every save of relevant files.

npm run lint

Lints files outside of the client side code, which webpack doesn't lint.

npm run all

works ONLY if you're using XUbuntu and/or xfce4-terminal

If you happen to be using XUbunu (high-five!), you can open all of the terminals you need to run the development enronment with a single command. npm run all will run watch, server, mongo, tdd each in a new terminal window you can cascade across a workspace or monitor.

If you're using a different OS or terminal and want to try this out, here's the command:

"xfce4-terminal -H -e \"npm run tdd\" & xfce4-terminal -H -e \"npm run server\" & xfce4-terminal -H -e \"npm run watch\" & xfce4-terminal -H -e \"mongod --port 27017 --dbpath=./data\""

just swap out each xfce4-terminal -H -e with your terminal's command to open a new terminal window running the command in quotes following. Every terminal should have similar flags.