Pass any valid URL, and get back a shortened URL that you can share. An API project for Free Code Camp.
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URL Shortener Microservice

Add any valid URL to the path of this domain and you'll receive a shortened URL in a JSON response. Navigating to the shortened URL will redirect you to the original URL.


Let's say your server name is You can pass any valid URL as the first param in your browser.

Submitting this request to the server will return a JSON response with a new shortened link that will persist as long as the database is live. Submitting the link above will return:

  "__v": 0,
  "id": "jY73FvNy",
  "original_url": "",
  "short_url": "",
  "_id": "57d075cfb0d645f11a28e784"

Now, if you go to, you will get redirected to Much better!

If you're testing this out locally, the short_url property's value will be localhost/123abcYZ, but don't forget the port number when you try out the new shortened link. If process.env.PORT is undefined, the server will default to port 4000, so navigating to localhost:4000/123abcYZ will work.


  1. Clone this repository
  2. NPM install


  1. Open a new terminal window in the root of the project and run:
    npm run mongo
    This will start a local instance of mongodb. Make sure you have a directory named data in the root of your project. Keep this terminal open, and run the following command in a second terminal.
  2. gulp serve
    This will initiate gulp to start the express server along with nodemon.