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Minimal RegEx-based JavaScript library for converting HTML to Text

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jsHtmlToText is a basic regex-based HTML stripper.

How it works

  1. It removes all linebreaks, script-tags, styles, comments and DOCTYPE.
  2. Replaces most of block tags with double newlines.
  3. Replaces some of the block tags with a single newline.
  4. Replaces <br> with a single newline.
  5. Removes all html-tags left after steps 1-4
  6. Makes sure there are no more that two linebreaks in a row, removes linebreaks at the start and at the end of string, trims rightmost whitespaces and decodes html entities such as  


You are able to change process of formatting by providing hooks in pre-processing, tag-replacing and post-processing. See tests/ for examples of hooks.


It was created for a custom WebTV widget framework, which did not support other existing implementations.

Use it when:

  • you need a minimal implementation
  • don't have access to a proper JavaScript implementation (it was originally written for Konqueror)
  • there no strong security requirements
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