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Project Auditor is an experimental static analysis tool for Unity Projects.
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Project Auditor

Project Auditor is a static analysis tool for Unity Projects. Project Auditor analyzes scripts and settings of a Unity project and reports a list of potential problems that affect performance.

Current Status

This project is still experimental and will likely change heavily in the future. So far this tool has only been tested with a few projects, therefore it might not work correctly depending on the version of Unity and the content of the project.


All versions of Unity should be compatible, however, check the Installation instructions for more details.


Although this project is developed by Unity employees, it is not officially supported by Unity and it is not on Unity's roadmap. Feedback and requests are more than welcome, please enter them as issues.


Project Auditor can be installed as a package in Unity 2018+, or added to the Assets folder in previous versions of Unity.

Unity 2018 or newer

Add com.unity.project-auditor as a dependency to the project Packages/manifest.json file:

  "dependencies": {
    "com.unity.project-auditor": "",

Alternatively it's possible to clone the repository, or decompress the pre-packaged zip, to the Packages folder of your project.

IMPORTANT: Project Auditor is supposed to work as a Package as of Unity 2018, therefore it should NOT live in the Assets folder.

Unity 2017 or older

Clone this repository to your Unity project as follows:

cd Assets
git clone

How to Use

The Project Auditor editor window can be open via Window => Analysis => Project Auditor. Click on Analyze, then go through the list of potential issues to determine whether they are actual problems in your project.

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