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Help us translate (or spellcheck) AHSpy to other locales!

Simply grab any of the files included and change the right part of each line of text you see. Here's an example:

This line here:

"Price per item - Last 48 hours": "Price per item - Last 48 hours",

Would become this in the french file (fr.js):

"Price per item - Last 48 hours": "Prix par article - 48 heures",

Please try to be careful not to break anything, when possible. Also, be descriptive in your pull requests.


Additional things you might need to know

  • You need a github account to contribute. If you don't have one, make sure you read Fork a Repo and Send pull requests.
  • International characters can be left as is. Our template engine will render them correctly.
  • We use Markdown to generate the HTML for things like links.
  • If you find a typo in the english version, please create a new issue instead of updating the en.js file.
  • Double quotes need to be escaped with a slash so " needs to be written as \".

Thank you

A heartfelt thank you to everybody who contributes in any kind of way to the project. You guys are awesome!


  • Add all strings from the site javascript files
  • Remove some strings and replace them with keywords