Path 2.0 menu using CoreAnimation :)
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README (Autosaved)

QuadCurveMenu is a menu looks like Path's story menu.

Here is a declaration in my blog :)

How To:

In QuadCurveMenu.m

  • define the STARTPOINT to locate the center of "Add" button.

  • define the ROTATEANGLE to set the rotate angle.

  • define the MENUWHOLEANGLE to set the whole menu angle.

  • define the ENDRADIUS to set the distance between the "Add" button and Menu Items.

  • define the NEARRADIUS and FARRADIUS to adjust the bounce animation.

  • define the TIMEOFFSET to set the delay of every menu flying out animation.

Twitter: @LeveyZhu

Sina Weibo: @SORA-Levey

Enjoy to use it:)

Thanks for pashields providing the youtube demo :)

screenshots screenshots screenshots