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  • Quell Xcode 6 warning


  • Pops now pop reveals (if one is in progress). Note that this implies that pops set isRevealing to NO
  • Pops done via a back button now pop the stack to that controllers parent (for example, in the case where a revealed view controller's back button is pushed, the stack is popped to the revealed controller's parent, popping both the top and the revealed view controller).


  • Add a flag to make the display of navigation bar optional on a per VC basis


  • Lower the amount of pan required to end a reveal
  • Ensure that a view controller has its frame set before calling viewWillAppear on it


  • Changes to work better with UAppearance defaults on UINavigationBar
  • Resize content view if navigation bar is translucent
  • Embed content inside a contentView, to align with frame behaviour of UINavigationController


  • Fix appearance issues when new view controllers have exising frames


  • Add support for popping and replacing child controller in expose mode
  • Shadow tweaks during transitions


  • Clamp attempts to pan views offscreen
  • Exposed controllers now resize to their exposed widths
  • Shadow visual tweaks
  • Add support for nav bar tinting and styling


  • Add ability to reveal the next-to-top controller in the stack
  • Tweak how far controllers need to be panned to pop / end a reveal
  • Start using MTCollectionOperators for set operations internally


  • Switch to MIT license
  • Gesture support
  • Lots of internal refactoring to more clearly separate maintenance of the view controller hierarchy from the on-screen view hierarchy. The code should be much cleaner, easier to read, and easier to keep in sync with UINavigationController as a result


  • Initial release