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Research and engineering ideas for Mechanical Tsar.

Here are some research project ideas, engineering ideas for new participants, and areas where domain experts from other fields might add a lot of value by bringing their perspective into the Mechanical Tsar discussion.

  • Pricing Algorithms

    • Microtasks often involve micropayments. Currently, Mechanical Tsar lacks the ability to estimate optimal task degree and price.
  • More Processors

    • Mechanical Tsar offers a convenient API for implementing worker rankers, task allocators and answer aggregators. The more processors we have, the more flexible we are.
  • Groovy Testing

    • Rewrite the unit tests in Groovy for making them shorter and more readable.
  • Switch to basepom

    • Our POM seems to be too redundant, so it might be reasonable to use the basepom minimal or foundation settings as the parent POM.
  • No JitPack

    • JitPack is a great repository for hosting JVM libraries, however we need only a couple of modules not present in Maven Central: Get Another Label and SQUARE.

Interested? Create a thread on NLPub Q&A and we will do our best to assist you. Comments and additions to this list are always welcome. Some of the above mentioned features might be planned in the roadmap.

This page is inspired by the page HadoopResearchProjects on the Hadoop Wiki.