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Mechanical Tsar

Mechanical Tsar




Worker, Application, Engine.

Programming Interface

The API of Mechanical Tsar is designed in the RESTful style. Since that it is oftenly changed, it is reasonable to consider the http://<server>:<port>/application.wadl description as the only trustworthy source. However, it is represented at the API page.


Worker Rankers

  • Zero (mtsar.processors.worker.ZeroRanker)
  • Random (mtsar.processors.worker.RandomRanker)

Task Allocators

  • Random (mtsar.processors.task.RandomAllocator)
  • Inverse Count (mtsar.processors.task.InverseCountAllocator)
  • Fixed Number (mtsar.processors.task.FixedNumberAllocator)

Answer Aggregators

  • Random (mtsar.processors.answer.RandomAggregator)
  • Majority Voting (mtsar.processors.answer.MajorityVoting)
  • Karger, Oh & Shah (mtsar.processors.answer.KOSAggregator)


If you publish work that uses Mechanical Tsar, please cite it as follows:

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This work is partially supported by the Russian Foundation for the Humanities, project № 13-04-12020 “New Open Electronic Thesaurus for Russian”.

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