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JSandbox Changelog


  • json2.js is now included directly in the script.


  • Removed JSandbox.ready() as json2.js is now included directly in the script.
  • The script now works as a worker.


  • Now also dereferencing ActiveXObject for when or if IE ever supports web workers.
  • Same thing as jsandbox.js v0.2.2 in regards to the json2.js API.
  • Added a media type to the data: URI used in exec.


  • Added a JSandbox.ready(aFunction) method that calls aFunction when JSandbox is ready (json2.js API is functional).
  • Added a global JSandbox constructor which is just another reference to Sandbox.
  • json2.js API methods are now called using JSON as it's this object, just in case it causes trouble for a JSON implementation.


  • Blocked access to the Worker constructor.
  • Now using importScripts.apply as Chromium issue 20192 has been fixed.


  • Removed document.querySelector dependancy.
  • Preparing test suite for the new, standalone, QUnit library. The library still has asynchronous bugs so it can't be used yet.
  • self.onmessage is deleted after every time code is run in case the code defines it.
  • Instance catch-alls are now passed the request object as their second argument.


  • Renamed the library from "jsandbox" to "JSandbox".
  • Renamed the jsandbox constructor to Sandbox.
  • Created unit tests.
  • All instances of uri in the API have been replaced with url.
  • Added jsandbox instances (long-lived sandboxes).
  • Added Sandbox.load to load scripts. data must either be a string (one script) or an array of strings (multiple scripts).
  • Added Sandbox.exec. Same as eval but no return value and faster.
  • Added fixed-position arguments-style API: Sandbox[method](data [,callback] [,input] [,onerror])
  • instance.onresponse is called on all successfull responses from an instance.
  • instance.onerror is called all errors from an instance.
  • The worker script has been split from jsandbox.js and is now jsandbox-worker.js.
  • To specify the location of the worker script, add a <link rel="jsandbox" href="path/to/jsandbox-worker.js"/> tag to your document before including jsandbox.js.
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