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This is plugin for KnockoutJS which allows to accept or rollback changes on observables or view models. It is extremely easy to use solution suitable in most use cases.

You could find examples of usage on

editable extender

Adds following methods to any writeable observable:

  • beginEdit()
  • commit()
  • rollback()

Also it adds hasChanges observable property. hasChanges returns boolean value indicating wether the actual value of observable is different to initial value or not. Under initial value we understand value of ubservable when beginEdit() was called.


var name = ko.observable().extend({editable: true});
var nameLength = ko.dependentObservable(function() {
    return name() ? name().length : 0;

name('user');       // name set to 'user'
name.beginEdit();   // begin transaciton
name('me');         // name set to 'me', nameLength was recalculated
nameLength();       // gives us 2
hasChanges();       // gives us `true`
name.commit();      // transaction commited; values are unchanged since last edit; we could start another one
hasChanges();       // gives us `false`
name.rollback();    // nothing happens since transation is commited
hasChanges();       // gives us `false`
name.beginEdit();   // begin another transaction
name('someone');    // name set to 'someone', nameLength was recalculated
name.rollback();    // rollback transaction; name set to initial value 'me', nameLength recalculated
name();             // gives us 'me'

Note: it is safe to extend same observable multiple times

ko.editable plugin

Extends any object with same methods and properties as editable extender. Basically it iterates over all poperties of passed object and extends all writeable observables with editable extender. Also it goes into deep when scaning for observables. So you could use pretty compex viewModels and activate editable with single call


var user = {
    FirstName: ko.observable('Some'),
    LastName: ko.observable('Person'),
    Address: {
        Country: ko.observable('USA'),
        City: ko.observable('Washington')

user.hasChanges();          // returns `true`
user.hasChanges();          // returns `false`
user.hasChanges();          // returns `true`
user.Address.Country();     // returns 'USA'

Tip: if you are using view models based on classes the best practice is to call ko.editable(this) when all data properties are defined

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