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<h1>mofeng's Demo</h1>
- <a href="" class="button"><small>project in</small>GitHub</a>
+ <a href="" class="button">GitHub</a>
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-<a name="welcome-to-github-pages" class="anchor" href="#welcome-to-github-pages"><span class="octicon octicon-link"></span></a>Welcome to GitHub Pages.</h3>
+<a name="welcome-to-github-pages" class="anchor" href="#welcome-to-github-pages"><span class="octicon octicon-link"></span></a>欢迎浏览漠风的demo项目.</h3>
-<p>This automatic page generator is the easiest way to create beautiful pages for all of your projects. Author your page content here using GitHub Flavored Markdown, select a template crafted by a designer, and publish. After your page is generated, you can check out the new branch:</p>
-<pre><code>$ cd your_repo_root/repo_name
-$ git fetch origin
-$ git checkout gh-pages
-<p>If you're using the GitHub for Mac, simply sync your repository and you'll see the new branch.</p>
-<a name="designer-templates" class="anchor" href="#designer-templates"><span class="octicon octicon-link"></span></a>Designer Templates</h3>
-<p>We've crafted some handsome templates for you to use. Go ahead and continue to layouts to browse through them. You can easily go back to edit your page before publishing. After publishing your page, you can revisit the page generator and switch to another theme. Your Page content will be preserved if it remained markdown format.</p>
+<p> </p>
+<h3><a name="designer-templates" class="anchor" href="#designer-templates"><span class="octicon octicon-link"></span></a>title</h3>
+<p>github is good.</p>
+<p>github is good.</p>
+<p>github is good.</p>
+<p>github is good.</p>
-<a name="rather-drive-stick" class="anchor" href="#rather-drive-stick"><span class="octicon octicon-link"></span></a>Rather Drive Stick?</h3>
+<h3><a name="designer-templates" class="anchor" href="#designer-templates"><span class="octicon octicon-link"></span></a>nm命令</h3>
-<p>If you prefer to not use the automatic generator, push a branch named <code>gh-pages</code> to your repository to create a page manually. In addition to supporting regular HTML content, GitHub Pages support Jekyll, a simple, blog aware static site generator written by our own Tom Preston-Werner. Jekyll makes it easy to create site-wide headers and footers without having to copy them across every page. It also offers intelligent blog support and other advanced templating features.</p>
-<a name="authors-and-contributors" class="anchor" href="#authors-and-contributors"><span class="octicon octicon-link"></span></a>Authors and Contributors</h3>
+<p>nm 命令显示关于指定 File 中符号的信息,文件可以是对象文件、可执行文件或对象文件库。如果文件没有包含符号信息,nm 命令报告该情况,但不把它解释为出错条件。 </p>
+<p>nm 命令缺省情况下报告十进制符号表示法下的数字值。nm 命令把以下符号信息写入标准输出:</p>
+<pre><code>库或对象名(如果指定了 -A 选项,则 nm 命令只报告与该文件有关的或者库或者对象名。)
-<p>You can <a href="" class="user-mention">@mention</a> a GitHub username to generate a link to their profile. The resulting <code>&lt;a&gt;</code> element will link to the contributor's GitHub Profile. For example: In 2007, Chris Wanstrath (<a href="" class="user-mention">@defunkt</a>), PJ Hyett (<a href="" class="user-mention">@pjhyett</a>), and Tom Preston-Werner (<a href="" class="user-mention">@mojombo</a>) founded GitHub.</p>
+<p>nm 命令使用以下符号(用同样的字符表示弱符号作为全局符号)之一来表示文件符号类型:</p>
+<pre><code> A Global absolute 符号。
+ a Local absolute 符号。
+ B Global bss 符号。
+ b Local bss 符号。
+ D Global data 符号。
+ d Local data 符号。
+ f 源文件名称符号。
+ T Global text 符号。
+ t Local text 符号。
+ U 未定义符号。
-<a name="support-or-contact" class="anchor" href="#support-or-contact"><span class="octicon octicon-link"></span></a>Support or Contact</h3>
+<pre><code>-A 每行或者显示全路径名称或者显示对象库名。
+-B 在 Berkeley 软件分发(BSD)格式中显示输出:
+ 值 类型 名称
+-C 限制解码(demangle) C++ 名称。缺省是解码所有 C++ 符号名。
+ 注: C++ 对象文件中的符号在被使用前它们的名称已经被解码了。
+-d 用十进制显示符号的值和大小。这是缺省的。
+-e 只显示静态的和外部的(全局)符号。
+-f 显示完整的输出,包括冗余的 .text、 .data 以及 .bss 符号,这些在通常都是被限制的。
+-g 只显示外部的(全局)符号。
+-h 限制输出头数据的显示。
-<p>Having trouble with Pages? Check out the documentation at <a href=""></a> or contact <a href=""></a> and we’ll help you sort it out.</p>
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