Go-based wrapper for Call of Duty Tracker's API
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Call of Duty Tracker API (Go)

Wrapper for Call of Duty Tracker's API, written in Go.


go get github.com/mtslzr/cod-api/go


import cod "cod-api-go"

client, err := cod.New("GAME", "PLATFORM", "USERNAME")

Replace the following placeholders:

  • GAME: bo3, bo4, wwii, iw
  • PLATFORM: bnet, psn, steam, xbl
  • USERNAME: Platform-specific username (include #1111 tag for Battle.net)

See API Documentation for more information on variables.


Validate User

data, err := client.ValidateUser()

User Stats

data, err := client.GetUserStats("MATCHTYPE")

MATCHTYPE can be "mp" or "blackout" for specific match data. Or pass "" for default (mp).

Recent Matches

data, err := client.GetRecentMatches(NUMMATCHES)

NUMMATCHES is a number of matches between 1 and 100.

Specific Match

data, err := client.GetSpecificMatch(MATCHID)

MATCHID is a specific Match ID to search.


data, err := client.GetUserNames("USERID1", "USERID2", "USERID3")

USERID can be one (more more) User IDs to search; results will show user for each ID.


data, err := client.GetLeaderboard("SCOPE", NUMPLAYERS)

SCOPE is which leaderboard you'd like to return (kills, deaths, ekia, wins, losses, gamesplayed, timeplayed). NUMPLAYERS is the number of players between 1 and 100.

To Do

  • Add Unit Tests for each endpoint.
  • Add validation for variables being passed to API struct and each endpoint.
  • Either adjust API variables or allow game/platform/username to be passed in other calls.


Based heavily on code from pubg-go and converted for this API.