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AzkabanCLI build_image

A lightweight Azkaban client providing:

  • A command line interface to run workflows, upload projects, etc.
  • A convenient and extensible way for building projects.


Below is a simple configuration file for a project containing a workflow with three jobs:

from azkaban import Job, Project
from getpass import getuser

PROJECT = Project('sample')

# properties available to all jobs = {
  '': getuser(),

# dictionary of jobs
JOBS = {
  'first': Job({'type': 'command', 'command': 'echo "Hello"'}),
  'second': Job({'type': 'command', 'command': 'echo "World"'}),
  'third': Job({'type': 'noop', 'dependencies': 'first,second'}),

for name, job in JOBS.items():
  PROJECT.add_job(name, job)

The examples directory contains another sample project that uses Azkaban properties to build a project with two configurations: production and test, without any job duplication.


The full documentation can be found here.


Using pip:

$ pip install azkaban


Run tests:

$ nosetests

To also run the integration tests against an Azkaban server, create ~/.azkabanrc that includes at least:

test.alias = local

url = azkaban:azkaban@http://localhost:8081