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Refreshingly sane cursorcolumn and cursorline handling.


Four options are available:

  • g:cursorcross_dynamic = 'clw', which features to dynamically handle:
    • 'c' triggers cursorcolumn in insert mode when the cursor is at the beginning of the line.
    • 'l' activates cursorline in normal mode and turns it off when entering insert mode.
    • 'w' automatically disables cursorcolumn and cursorline in non-focused windows. When entering a window, both variables are restored to their previous state.
  • g:cursorcross_exceptions = [], list of filetypes where dynamic mode will be disabled.
  • g:cursorcross_disable = 0, disable the plugin.
  • g:cursorcross_mappings = 1, create the following mappings:
    • - to toggle cursorline.
    • | to toggle cursorcolumn.

Additionally, the CursorcrossToggle command can be used to disable all dynamic modes globally.