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Netlify Status

Portfolio website built with Gatsby front-end, Sanity CMS and deployed to Netlify.

Quick start

  1. Clone this repository from your GitHub account
  2. npm install in the project root folder on local
  3. npm run dev to start the Studio and frontend locally
  4. npm run build to build to production locally

Enable real-time content preview in development

  1. Go to your project’s API settings on and create a token with read rights.
  2. Copy .env.development.template to .env.development and paste in the token: SANITY_READ_TOKEN="yourTokenHere".
  3. Restart the development server (ctrl + C and npm run dev).

If you want to disable the preview you can set watchMode: false in gatsby-config.js. If you just want to preview published changes you can set overlayDrafts: false in gatsby-config.js.

Deploy changes

Netlify automatically deploys new changes commited to the master branch on GitHub. If you want to change the deployment branch you may do so in build & deploy settings on Netlify.