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A multiplayer browser-based game based on Mad-Libs, implemented using Node.js, and Blaze.

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Project Description


Phrase Cards is a free-to-play, online game based on the 1960’s classic Mad Libs, packed with new features that brings one of America’s favorite party games to the 21st century. This isn’t the same game your parents played, Phrase Cards gives users the power to host massively multiplayer games, create stories for other users to play, and participate in a variety of game modes. If you have a favorite Phrase Cards story, let everyone know by voting it up, it could end up on the fan-favorites leaderboard. Phrase Cards is a great activity to include at any event, with a variety of story themes to fit with your Halloween party, Star-Trek marathon, Friday afternoon cookout, Book-club meeting, or secret cult ritual. So when you can’t get all your friends in one place, or want to make a few more, log on to the Phrase Cards chat room and start up a game!

This project will be a unique variation of the classic mad libs, features that we might include are massive multiplayer games, user stat tracking, image based stories, competitive matches, spectating, and many other upcoming features. Large public rooms, private rooms with password, voting system with a leaderboard for popular blank madlibs, or for the best completed madlibs, user profiles with stats and achievements, as well as a tags system to be able to find games of a certain theme or type. Picture enchanced gameplay.

The game will be turned based. The default mode will have "hot seat" style rotation of each player to be the "card czar" each turn. The other users will submit a verb/noun/word to the card czar, who will choose which of the words to use for each blank space. The user whose word is chosen will get a point, points will be totalled. One mode will have a single player will get to fill a blank word of the mad libs story and afterwards the turn will pass to the next player. There will be a chatroom for the other players who are spectating in the meantime to give them time to communicate and connect. Other features of the site will be to provide saved instances of games between participants to reminisce and perhaps share with others.

Group Members

Daniel Choi

CS Courses : 121, 187, 220, 230, 240, 250, 390DB, 377, 473CG, 320, 311(current), 521(current)

Other Courses: JAPANESE 246, PHYSICS 151

Hi, my name is Daniel Choi. I am a senior at the University of Massachusetts: Amherst and majoring in Computer Science. I am currently working part time for a healthcare company called McKesson. I have worked with mainly Java and C# programs but I am also really excited to be trying out web programming for the first time.

If you would like to contact me, here is my email.

Robert Hromada

CS Courses : 187, 220, 230, 240, 250, 311, 320, 383, 197JA, 197C

Other Courses: Philosophy 334&360, (almost done with Philosophy minor)

Good day all I'm Robert Hromada but many people call me Pippin or Pip. Im a senior AI compsci major and this class should be awesome for me to not only learn JavaScript and web development but enforce my skill in group developing. I have classes all day till this class on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I am free on the other 3 days (weekends sometimes). Most of my skill is in the develompent and structuring aspects of making a project not so much the hard coding so I hope to utilize those skills in this team.

Sean Kelley

CS Courses : 121, 187, 220, 230, 240, 250, 377, 311, 453

Other Courses: Linear Algebra

Hi I'm Sean, I'm a senior here at UMass. Mostly experienced with languages taught here at school(java/C++) but have worked in many other languages on many occasions. Time to add javascript to that list.... I check my Gmail ( all the time, so if you want to find me, thats the place.

David Su

CS Courses: 121, 187, 220, 230, 240, 250, 377, 311, 383, 453

Other Courses: Comparative Politics, Anthropology

Hello everyone, I'm David. I'm a Senior majoring in Computer Science and I'm looking forward to working with you all this semester. I have some experience with Java, Javascript, SQL, and other languages so perhaps my job will be either coding the application or setting up the server and databases on the back end. Although I don't have much experience with the latter, I'd certainly be more than happy to research and set it up if need be.

Yue Shing

CS Courses: 121, 187, 220, 230, 240, 250, 305, 311, 320, 377, 390DB, 383, 403(current), 473, 585(current)

Other Courses: Physics 151, Linear Algebra

Hello, my name is Yue Shing. I am a senior majoring in Computer Science. Most of my coding experience is with Java and C++. I've wanted to take a web programming course for a while, so I'm happy to meet and work with you guys this semester.

Colby Stone

CS Courses : 121, 187, 131, 132, 220, 230, 233, 235, 240, 250, 305, 311, 377, 383, 391DB, 453, 405, 491IP

Other Courses: PHYSIC 151, 152

I have been a web designer for 8+ years. I have worked for design companies and have had my own web design company. I came back to school to get my degree in computer science and further my skills to become more of a web developer rather than just a designer. I am now in my last semester and will graduate in December.

Mike Turley

CS Courses: 121, 187, 220, 230, 240, 250, 305, 311, 320, 377, 383, 445, 453, 491IP(current), 585(current)

Other Courses: PHYSICS 151, Linear Algebra

Hi, my name is Mike and I'm a senior Computer Science major here at UMass Amherst. I have been a freelance web developer off and on since high school, and I took an extended break between my sophomore and junior years of college to work. While most of my experience is in full-stack web development, I have also worked on mobile and desktop applications as well as some systems programming. My favorite language is JavaScript, of course, but mostly for its entertainment value. I also enjoy Python, Ruby, and occasionally Java and C/C++. This past summer, I was an intern on Amazon's AWS Storage Gateway team. I will be graduating this February.

Design Specification

The is located in /team-phrase-cars/docs/dspec along with all of its associted documents.


A multiplayer browser-based game based on Mad-Libs, implemented using Node.js, and Blaze.






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