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Memory Test Suite

This is one (small) test suite of programs that have triggered/trigger
problems in the virtual memory system.  The idea is having a set of
programs easy to setup and run to test the memory system.

To discuss something about the suite, fill free to contact me
(quintela@fi.udc.es) or the Linux memory team, that is where I have
find this programs (linux-mm@kvack.org).  I have also found ideas and
inspiration for doing that in the IRC: #kernelnewbies chat, in the
server irc.openprojects.net, chatting with several people, between them
Rick van Riel <riel@conectiva.com.br>, who told me to put together my
programs that crashed the kernel in one suite.

I have edited lightly the programs to use comun functions defined in

You can run the tests mmap001, mmap002 and misc001 with one parameter
indicating the size of your RAM in megabites.

If you want to tune the tests for your machine, edit the file
mis_lib.h, the defines in it, things like RAMSIZE. The tests are
configured to use your RAM and part of swap, and for that their use
that number.  Feel free to change that values and test them in any way
that you can thought of.  If you find some combination of tests than
trigger easily a bug, let me know and I will add that information to
the test suite.

Thanks for your attention.

Enjoy yourself.

This software is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).