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Yet Another ZEC Miner, CPU miner for

Reimplementation of xenoncat/Tromp algorithm, just to understand
it better by myself.   Performs around the same as Tromp's equi1.
It's single-threaded on purpose, and uses 200 MB of memory now.
The aim was the pure C miner with no dependencies, that works of either
little-endian or big-endian platform (ultrasparc speed is so pathetic).

c/ is portable C sources to produce binary for your platform.

js-emscripten/ is a port to emscipten for mining in WebAssembly-compatible

js-backend/ is a server-side support for browser mining, allows many
sessions (tested up to 44K sessions, many thanks to

pool-emu/ may be handy for debugging your miners.

Code used:
- BLAKE2b reference implementation from RFC 7693
- BLAKE2b optimized for SSE4.1/SSE2, taken from equihash by John Tromp
- SHA-256 taken from cgminer by Con Kolivas
- JSON parser by Serge A. Zaitsev

How to run binary:
   ./yazecminer -l -u {workername} -d 3

Pools tested: