iOS 6 Social framework Native Extension for AIR 3.5+
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iOS 6 Social framework Native Extention for AIR 3.5+

Here is my first shot with Adobe Native Extensions for AIR.

This ANE is only for iOS 6+ as it exposes the native sharing composer of iOS 6.
It will work on an iOS device, the iOS simulator and the AIR simulator.


Here is the tools I've used to develop this extension:

In order to use AIR 3.5 with FB 4.7, I've merged the AIR 3.5 SDK into the FB Flex SDK and the FB Compiler Plugin:

# ditto air3-5_sdk_mac /Applications/Adobe\ Flash\ Builder\ 4.7/sdks/4.6.0
# ditto air3-5_sdk_mac /Applications/Adobe\ Flash\ Builder\ 4.7/eclipse/plugins/com.adobe.flash.compiler_4.7.0.345990/AIRSDK

You will also need your Apple Developer certificate and provisioning profile.

What's in the repository?

ANE file

The Native Extension (SocialExtension.ane)


import net.mtvg.air.SocialExtension;

var socialExt:SocialExtension = new SocialExtension;
socialExt.addEventListener(Event.CANCEL, onCancel);
socialExt.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onComplete);

socialExt.shareComposer(serviceType:int, shareText:String="", shareURL:String="", shareImage:BitmapData=null):Boolean

serviceType can be:

  • SocialExtension.SERVICE_TWITTER
  • SocialExtension.SERVICE_FACEBOOK
  • SocialExtension.SERVICE_SINAWEIBO

shareComposer() returns false if the selected serviceType is not available on the device


The native code that exposes the SLComposeViewController class.


The source code of the AS3 library:

  • SocialExtensionIOS for the real library
  • SocialExtensionDefault for the fake library (AIR simulator)


Contains all you need to package the ANE file.

In order to use the file, don't forget to add the AIR SDK to your PATH variable:

# export PATH=$PATH:/Applications/Adobe\ Flash\ Builder\ 4.7/sdks/4.6.0/bin


Contains a Flex Mobile project that uses the extension, it looks like this: