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#BDDynamicGridViewController - Data-aware view-controller that displays a UIView list in an automatically laid out grid.

Data-aware view controller that displays a UIView list (typically, UIImageView list) in a row-dominated grid layout. This class automatically lay out the UIViews with help from a delegate class (which is supplier by you.) The class is inspired by the beautiful iCarousel class by Nick Lockwood

##Sample Screenshot (better viewed in the iOS demo project.)

These are sample layout of the same UIView list automatically laid out by this class.

##How to use ###Installation

  • Copy .h/.m files from the Classes folder into your code base

  • Or you can use Cocoapods, add the following line into your Podfile

    dependency 'BDDynamicGridViewController'

###Implementation ####BDDynamicGridViewController This is the main view controller initialized using init. Subclassing is recommended. Once initialized, set a delegate class to it. It receives delegate of type BDDynamicGridViewDelegate. See next.

One you have your delegate set up. Call reloadData to see the layout. Each call to reloadData creates a new layout.

Once the view is loaded. User can tap on each view. There are two gestures supported, namely, long press and double tap. These are configurable using blocks through the following properties: onLongPress and onDoubleTap. Each block call is supplied with the gesture-recognized UIView and its index corresponding to the index in the -viewAtIndex method.

####BDDynamicGridViewDelegate This is the delegate protocol needed by BDDynamicGridViewController. All methods are required to implement.

  • -numberOfViews returns the total count of UIViews to display.
  • -viewAtIndex: returns a UIView at an index specified.
  • -maximumViewsPerCell returns the maximum number of UIViews per row. BDDynamicGridViewController uses this method to determine how many UIViews it can fill in each row at the most.
  • -rowHeightForRowInfo BDDynamicGridViewController calls this method in order to set each row's height. The supplied rowInfo contains the information useful for the delegate to decide on the row height, such as, the number of UIViews contained in this row, etc.

That's it!


  • Requires ARC

##How to use

  • Be sure to checkout the latest tag, as opposed to the latest commit. Only tagged points are stable.

  • Include h/.m files in Classes folder to your source code

  • or use Cocoapods, add the following line into your Podfile

    dependency 'BDDynamicGridViewController'

  • Check out the iPhone demo. Read the comments. Send me questions, if any.

##Apps using BDDynamicGridViewController

##License BDDynamicGridViewController is licensed under BSD. More info in LICENSE file.