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Multi-platform automotive map editor for engine tuning
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CrossTuner Studio

CrossTuner Studio is a freeware software that allows you to modify the automotive map contained inside the engine management unit. The software has been developed with the intent of being multi-platform so it can be used on Windows XP / Vista / 7 and Linux (MacOS in the future), also you can copy all the files needed for its operation on a USB stick so as to use it on any PC without the need for installation.

Map Definitions

The use of definitions files containing the addresses and the characteristics of the various maps found inside the control unit. These definition files can be created and modified by anyone using the appropriate functions of the program and afterwards made available to others to speed up the modification phase of remapping. Table Editor To simplify the modification of the maps there is the table editor that presents all the data in a table with a description of the various axes. The editor has a series of specific functions to make the changes as fast as possible by automating the most frequently used functions.

The table editor is closely linked to the map definitions so that it can represent all the data with engineering values easily interpreted by the user.

3D View

It is also possible to view the maps in 3D to facilitate the identification of errors during the modification phases.


It's multilanguage with support for both Italian & English.


The software is based on the wxWidgets framework, this is a set of libraries written in C ++ commonly used to facilitate the programming of multi-platform applications. The framework provides GUI (Graphical User Interface) functions for a variety of operating systems such as Windows, Unix with GTK +, Unix with Motif and MacOS.

Development Tool

The IDE used for the development is the Code::Blocks with WxSmith interface for the creation of the graphic interface but alternatively it is possible to use a different one if preferred. The two C++ compilers used are GCC for Linux and MinGW32 for Windows.

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