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SQLTools - CudaText version

Your swiss knife SQL for CudaText editor. Plugin ported from Sublime Text 3 version.

Original project website:


SQLTools was developed with ♥ to save us time during our programming journey. But It also takes me time and efforts to develop SQLTools.

SQLTools will save you (for sure) a lot of time and help you to increase your productivity so, I hope you can donate and help SQLTools to become more awesome than ever.

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  • Works with PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, SQLite, Vertica, Firebird
  • Run SQL Queries   CTRL+e, CTRL+e Auto complete and run SQL queries
  • View table description   CTRL+e, CTRL+d View table schemas
  • Show table records   CTRL+e, CTRL+s Show table records
  • Show explain plan for queries   CTRL+e, CTRL+x
  • Formatting SQL Queries   CTRL+e, CTRL+b Formatting SQL Queries
  • View Queries history   CTRL+e, CTRL+h
  • Save queries   CTRL+e, CTRL+q
  • List and Run saved queries   CTRL+e, CTRL+l
  • Remove saved queries   CTRL+e, CTRL+r
  • Threading support to prevent lockups
  • Query timeout (kill thread if query takes too long)


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.