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Welcome to Adva-cms
Adva-cms is a cutting edge open source application platform based on Ruby on
Rails and Rails Engines.

Different from others, adva-cms lives in vendor directory and keeps your main
app directory clean and dandy. So you can reclaim app directory and use it
only for your own application files.

Adva makes it extensible: you can only pick those engines/features you really
need for your application and omit the rest. All engines are designed to work
together seamlessly, so the whole platform feels much more consistent for
similar but separate Rails applications.
Please check out /doc directory and our site for more info.
You need Rails 2.2.2 or newer.

  rails my-app
  cd my-app
  git init

  git submodule add git:// vendor/adva
  ruby vendor/adva/script/setup   # adds adva rake tasks and required files
  rake adva:migrate               # runs Adva migrations

  ruby script/server
  firefox http://localhost:3000
You should see Adva installation screen. 
Fill out the form and you're started, enjoy!


Please check out /doc directory for high level overview about Adva.
Running specs and int tests
  First time before running specs and tests, you should create test database's structure
    rake db:test:clone_structure
  Run all specs and integration tests with:
    ruby script/test-adva  # Runs all Adva specs and int tests

Please report bugs to Lighthouse:
Git repository:
Adva mailing list:
Adva irc: