A customizable responsive Bootstrap MediaWiki skin.
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This is a customizable responsive Bootstrap MediaWiki skin. With it, your MediaWiki skin can take advantage of some of the great features from Bootstrap:

  • Responsive design
  • Cross-browser support
  • Custom jQuery plugins
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • style customization through LESS CSS (requires LESS compiler)

It is compatible with most MediaWiki extensions, such as those contained in the Semantic Bundle. If you notice any incompatibilities, please feel free to report a bug.

This skin is based loosely off the MediaWiki Vector skin and similar MediaWiki Bootstrap projects form Aaronpk and Borkweb.


  • MediaWiki 1.18+
  • 'MediaWiki:bootstrap-navbar', 'MediaWiki:bootstrap-sidebar', and 'MediaWiki:bootstrap-footer' wiki pages (unless you choose to override default navigation values)
  • DEPRECATION WARNING 'Bootstrap:Navbar', 'Bootstrap:Sidebar', 'Bootstrap:Footer' are no longer used for this skin. Please delete those pages from your wiki.


To install, please clone this project to the MediaWiki skins directory. Because this project relies on external repos, you will need to initialize and update the project submodules. Install with the following commands:

git clone https://github.com/mtyeh411/mediawiki-bootstrap.git
git submodule init
git submodule update


git clone --recursive https://github.com/mtyeh411/mediawiki-bootstrap.git

In LocalSettings.php, add

require_once( "$IP/skins/mediawiki-bootstrap/bootstrap.php");

where $IP represents your MediaWiki root directory and skins/mediawiki-bootstrap is the cloned repository path.

NOTE: Due to the way ResourceLoader handles relative paths in CSS files, Font Awesome assumes that your Bootstrap skin is located in skins/mediawiki-bootstrap. If you have a different path, you will need to change the path in assets/font-awesome.css.

To activate the skin for your entire wiki, set $wgDefaultSkin = "bootstrap"; in your LocalSettings.php file.

Overriding skin styles

The assets directory contains site-specific rules and behavior which you may use to customize the Bootstrap skin to your wiki site should you choose not to use MediaWiki:Common.css or MediaWiki:Common.js (see assets/site.css and assets/site.js). This may be the case should your customized skins and behavior be specific to your instance of the Bootstrap MediaWiki skin.

Usage and Customization

The bootstrap.php file in the Bootstrap skin directory contains configurable options for your skin output.

Customizable components

Currently, this skin allows customization on your navbar, sidebar, and footer. Each of those three components are controlled by configuration mappings:

  • sgNavbarOptions for navbar
  • sgSidebarOptions for sidebar
  • sgFooterOptions for footer

Navigation links

This skin allows you to create your navigation, sidebar, and footer from any MediaWiki page on your wiki that you specify. Please change the mapping for the page option for your component.

By default, the skin sets the page values for each customizable component to 'Bootstrap:Navbar', 'Bootstrap:Sidebar', and 'Bootstrap:Footer'.

Please note that navigation pages assume links (and section headers) are in a single unordered list, such as:

* Foo
  ** Foo1
  ** Foo2
* Bar
* [[Baz]]

Currently, two special keywords are handled:


Work is being done to handle MediaWiki Message objects as navigable links.

Navigation menu types

Bootstrap supports three types of menus:

  • Pills
  • Tabs
  • Nav lists

You may define the type of menu you'd like each component to have by changing the type configuration.

By default, the value is 'pills'. Currently, only the sidebar supports this feature.

Dropdown menus

The nested list items of your navigation links page are used for the dropdown menu. The parents of those items are the dropdown toggles.

Bootstrap dropdown menus can be turned on or off by setting the dropdown configuration mapping to true.

By default, dropdowns for all components are turned on.

Directory structure

All dependencies are located in their own directories. The bootstrap and Font-Awesome directories are git submodules, allowing those projects to remain independent.


Full screen resolution view: Full screen example

Mobile responsive view (with opened navbar): Small screen responsive example