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Nice work on the public pages. The admin pages however have some form layout issues. Labels are wrapped under checkboxes, and the main admin menu is displaying as a default unordered list with bullets. It'd be great to maybe use a button group or a more structured main menu for those.

Also, I directly copied the mediawiki:sidebar contents to mediawiki:bootstrap-sidebar, and the links for the navigation dropdown don't obey the pipe separator for the url. Is this a bug, or are you using some other parseable format?


Update: Some issues were solved by setting the default skin to "bootstrap." I had previously only set it as a user preference.


Thanks for the comment. I'm basing my response on the assumption that the 'admin pages' referred to are the 'Special:Preferences' pages. I hear you on the menu items being UL items. I think it's safe to globally override the CSS for labels (as Bootstrap defaults them to having block display), so that will be in a future commit.

As for parsing out the contents of Mediawiki:Sidebar, those rely on MediaWiki system messages, which i am unable to parse out at the moment. i'd suggest using 'typical' mediawiki link syntax (ie, [[Main Page | Home]] rather than something like mainpage|mainpage-description).

Hope this helps.

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the links for the navigation dropdown don't obey the pipe separator for the url

If a MediaWiki's link target is an URL instead of a page name, there's no pipe separator. Compare [ Example] and [[Example page name|Example]].


If a MediaWiki's link target is an URL instead of a page name, there's no pipe separator. Compare
[ Example] and [[Example page name|Example]].

I believe that in the sidebar template, it's parsed and rendered differently than it is in normal page content. All I did was copy the contents of the default Mediawiki:sidebar template into the Mediawiki:bootstrap-sidebar template as suggested by mtyeh411 in his README. Also, here in the Mediawiki docs

* navigation
** mainpage|mainpage-description
** portal-url|portal
** currentevents-url|currentevents
** recentchanges-url|recentchanges
** randompage-url|randompage
** helppage|help

Ah, right. I forgot. Now I remember that, and also CustomNavBlocks.


Thanks for the comments. I am going to move this to another issue. I believe in the README that I mention that MediaWiki system messages (such as the ones used in MediaWiki:Sidebar) are not understood yet by this skin extension. I suggest that for now, to just use 'typical' MediaWiki link syntax. Thanks!

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