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PSR-7 middleware and helpers for working with base URL.
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This package detects base URL of web application. It is useful when you need your app to be served from subdirectory (like http://localhost/my-project/public). This can be useful sometimes, especially in development environment.

View helpers for working with assets are also provided in the package.

Detection logic is based on zend-http package.


Installation is supported using Composer:

$ composer require mtymek/blast-base-url

If Zend Component Installer is present, it will automatically update application configuration.


For simplicity, following instructions are targeting applications based on Zend Expressive Skeleton, assuming that Zend\ServiceManager was selected as DI container.

Blast\BaseUrl is based on PSR-7, so it will work well with other frameworks/dispatchers like Slim3 or Relay, just that wiring process will look different.

Base URL Middleware

Add BaseUrlMiddleware to your pipeline, just before routing middleware (config/pipeline.php file):

// ...

// ...

BaseUrlMiddleware will alter path from request URI, stripping base url. It means that even if you access your project from http:/localhost/~user/project/public/index.php/foo/bar, next middleware in the pipe will see the path as /foo/bar.

Additionally, two attributes will be added to ServerRequest, holding base URL and base path:

echo $request->getAttribute(BaseUrlMiddleware::BASE_URL);   
// outputs: /some/subdirectory/index.php

echo $request->getAttribute(BaseUrlMiddleware::BASE_PATH);
// outputs: /some/subdirectory/

Generating URLs

BaseUrlMiddleware is able to automatically configure UrlHelper, so that all URLs generated by this helper will have appropriate prefix. This will be done automatically if UrlHelper is available in service container.

Accessing assets - base path

Another feature provided by this package is base path helper. It can be used to generate URLS for your asset files that work correctly under subdirectory.

If BasePathHelper is available, BaseUrlMiddleware will automatically configure it during execution. You will be able to use following syntax inside zend-view templates:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?= $this->basePath('/css/style.css') ?>" />

Depending on your application directory, it will produce something similar to:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/public_html/my-project/public/css/style.css" />
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