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PHP SDK for CodebaseHQ API

CodebaseHQ is software project management tool with Git, Mercurial and Subversion hosting, bug and time tracking, and more.


This package can be installed using Composer:

    "minimum-stability": "dev",
    "require": {
        "mtymek/codebasehq-sdk": "dev-master"


Please refer to this document for general information about CodebaseHQ API.

First, you need to create API client, and pass your account, username and API key:

$client = new CodebaseHq\Api('someaccount', 'mtymek', '85j9axug8r2mb42ao5rf59nrpstesdujbj05x2ih');

Example: listing tickets

Tickets are related organized in projects, so you need to begin with setting project name:


Now you're allowed to find tickets matching given query:

// list all closed tickets for current user
$tickets = $client->tickets()->find('assignee:me status:closed');

Above code will return array of CodebaseHq\Entity\Ticket objects.

You can also fetch single ticket:

$ticket = $client->tickets()->findOneById(124);


At this moment object interface supports only subset of Codebase HQ API. You can also access it directly, using low-level calls that work on XML data:

// Example: listing all assigned tickets
$result = $api->api('/mats-playground/tickets?query=' . urlencode('assignee:me'));
$xml = new SimpleXMLElement($result);
foreach ($xml->ticket as $ticket) {
    echo $ticket->{'ticket-id'} . ': ' . $ticket->summary, "\n";

// Example: tracking time session
$xml =
    <summary>Worked on the awesome feature</summary>
$api->api('/mats-playground/time_sessions', 'POST', $xml);

You can avoid passing XML directly by using buildXml() helper method:

// Example: ticket update
$ticketNote = array(
    'content' => 'Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet.',
    'time-added' => '1:00'
$result = $api->api(
                $api->buildXml('ticket-note', $ticketNote)


  • basic, low-level API access [IMPLEMENTED]
  • nice, object-oriented interface for accessing all types of records defined by CodebaseHQ API [IN PROGRESS]