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This addon provides a {{mu-register}}, {{mu-unregister}} and {{mu-change-password}} component for the mu-registration microservice.


ember install ember-mu-registration

Basic usage

Just include the {{mu-register}}, {{mu-unregister}} or {{mu-change-password}} component in your template.

Advanced usage

Overwriting the component templates

To overwrite the template of the components, create a custom mu-register.hbs, mu-unregister.hbs or mu-change-password.hbs file. Make sure you use the correct bindings and actions. You can have a look at the default templates in addon/templates/components.

For mu-register

  • call the register action
  • use name, nickname, password and passwordConfirmation as value bindings for the input fields

For mu-unregister

  • call the unregister action

For mu-change-password

  • call the changePassword action
  • use oldPassword, newPassword and newPasswordConfirmation as value bindings for the input fields

Customizing the components

To customize the components, generate your own new components and include the mu-register (ember-mu-registration/mixins/mu-register), mu-unregister (ember-mu-registration/mixins/mu-unregister) and mu-change-password (ember-mu-registration/mixins/mu-change-password) mixins to handle the register, unregister and changePassword actions.