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Bootstrap a microservices environment in three easy steps.

How to

Setting up your environment is done in three easy steps: first you configure the running microservices and their names in docker-compose.yml, then you configure how requests are dispatched in config/dispatcher.ex, and lastly you start everything.

Hooking things up with docker-compose

Alter the docker-compose.yml file so it contains all microservices you need. The example content should be clear, but you can find more information in the Docker Compose documentation. Don't remove the identifier and db container, they are respectively the entry-point and the database of your application. Don't forget to link the necessary microservices to the dispatcher and the database to the microservices.

Configure the dispatcher

Next, alter the file config/dispatcher.ex based on the example that is there by default. Dispatch requests to the necessary microservices based on the names you used for the microservice.

Boot up the system

Boot your microservices-enabled system using docker-compose.

cd /path/to/mu-project
docker-compose up

You can shut down using docker-compose stop and remove everything using docker-compose rm.