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In this page, you will find a recompilation of frequently asked questions. You can also navigate the pages shown in the right sidebar of this wiki.

Why is it called Mkchromecast? that name is disgusting, horrible, terrible, dreadful, ghastly, nasty, vile, foul, revolting, repulsive, repugnant, odious, sickening, nauseating, yucky, gross, and beastly.

Yes, I know. Mk is basically the first letters of my name and last name. I was unemployed when I wrote this app and I was not in the mood for coming up with cool or innovative names. Sorry about that :).

This application is rubbish.

Probably yes, but I am open to receive pull requests to improve it. So, be free to suggest changes to make it better.

Does Mkchromecast only work from command line?

No. You can use the system tray menu by installing the standalone macOS app, or the Debian package from the download section.

The application stopped working, and I have no audio on my computer! I will sue you!

This is more likely to happen in macOS, and don't panic!. You only need to reset the audio. To do so execute python mkchromecast.py -r, or if you are using the system tray, start it again and click on the Reset audio option. Another possibility is to go to System Preferences > Sound and select: Internal Speakers in Output, and Internal Microphone in Input.

My headphones are not playing any sound after installing Mkchromecast on macOS

This is because of the method employed to change input/output sources (bin/audiodevice). In this case, you need to reset the audio as described in the question above.

Why do I see just one backend in the system tray?

The system tray checks if you have installed any of the supported backends in your PATH (see here). If they are not found, the system tray does not show them.

Why am I always asked to allow the incoming connection in macOS?

This is because you have the firewall turned on, and my application is not signed. Therefore you have to add an exception to the firewall in order to avoid the need of allowing incoming connections when using Mkchromecast. To do so, please refer to Allowing specific applications in https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201642.

How do I change audio quality?

That depends mostly on four factors: bitrate, sample rate, audio coding formats and how "audiophile" you are :). You may try playing with the bitrate or setting a higher sample rate. If you intend to use bitrates larger than 320 try lossless audio coding formats instead, e.g.: wav or flac.

I am in Linux, how can I cast with Mkchromecast?

Check this link. Linux users have available a Debian package.

Does the system tray work in Linux?

Yes, it does. It is written using the Qt5 python bindings. You need to have them available for your Linux distribution to use the system tray. Install python-pyqt5 package. See #10.

It seems the microphone audio is being cast to my google cast device in macOS?

This is possibly due to Soundflower. See this thread, and this report. Verify that you have installed the latest available version.

dpkg: error processing package Mkchromecast (--install)

If you have problems with dependencies, please check here.

Has Mkchromecast 24bits/96000Hz capability?

Yes, but only if you are using FFmpeg or avconv. Additionally, it just works for the following combinations: wav + 960000Hz or flac + 96000Hz. See this report.

No Streaming Devices Found

If the Streaming Devices are not found, you may try checking your routers. Check this report for more information.

I don't like PulseAudio, can Mkchromecast be used without it in Linux?

Yes, using pure ALSA. Check https://github.com/muammar/mkchromecast/wiki/ALSA for more information.

What about radio stations, can I listen to them?

Yes. Pass the --source-url flag followed by the URL that contains the stream. Note that this is not yet working for .pls or .m3u sources. For more information mkchromecast -h. This option may be useful for mpd users wanting to cast using the built-in mpd HTTP streaming server. See #19.

I am using Debian or Debian based distro and getting AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'PROTOCOL_SSLv3'. What can I do?

See #28 for instructions on how to solve it.

I am using Ubuntu firewall, how can I use Mkchromecast with it?

Use this command: sudo ufw allow 5000. For more information, see #42.

I am using a VPN, how can I cast with Mkchromecast?

Use the --host flag, and set your IP address manually. For more information, see #55.

I have Sonos speakers, can I cast to them using Mkchromecast?

The answer is: Yes. The only thing you need is to install soco python module.

dyld: Symbol not found: _getentropy error on macOS

This is because your macOS version is older than the version used to build this bundle. You could fix the issue by executing from the command line xcode-select --install.

I cannot open the application in macOS because it comes from unknown developer. What can I do?

Open Settings > Security and Privacy > General. Then, mark the option Anywhere from Allow apps downloaded from field. If you are using Sierra, then you will have to click on open anyway in the same menu as mentioned above and this will lift the block.

If you want to install from unknown sources you can also execute:

sudo spctl --master-disable.


This error is related to old versions of pychromecast. If you are experiencing this problem then you have to upgrade your pychromecast module. See #72.

Are there known issues?

Yes, please check here.