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[DEAD] A collection of Jekyll themes for blogs.
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A collection of Jekyll themes made by Mu-An.
This is work in progress, come back later. Star the repo or follow me on Twitter to get updates.


  1. Pagination
  2. Syntax highlighting code for each theme
  3. Style titles
  4. Pretty date
  5. Instruction
  6. RSS feed
  7. Category links
  8. Signoff
  9. Move things out of includes
  10. Style blockquotes
  11. Check image and iframe presentations in posts
  12. Confirm installation commands
  13. Move theme layouts to _include
  14. Update to Jekyll 1.1.0

Instruction for new Jekyll sites

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Clone your forked repository to your computer
  3. Go to your directory and edit _config.yml to your preference
  4. gem install jekyll
  5. And you're all set, run jekyll build and then jekyll serve -w. Your site should be up at http://localhost:4000
  • Add baseurl in your config file if your blog is not sitting on root.

Instruction for existing Jekyll sites

1. Clone both _layouts and themes folders and also index.html, about.html and categories.html; make sure you're using the cloned layouts for pages
2. Set the following variables in _config.yml

theme:            # scribble/a/b
signoff:          # your name
facebook_appid:   # facebook appid for like button
google_analytics: # google analytics id
disqus_shortname: # disqus account name

  name:           # your name
  avatar:         # your avatar url
  bio:            # biography

  - name:         Home
    url:          /
  - name:         Categories
    url:          /categories
  - name:         About
    url:          /about


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